" Realise your child's dreams of a bright future. "

Children Insurance

You are the sole breadwinner of the family and rising expenses eat up most of your savings. Providing your child a good education is your main duty to your children and no doubt you are saving up for this.

You can provide for your Child's education with:

Child Endowment Plan
Child Ulip Plan

What are child ulip plans?

A child Ulip works in the same way as a Ulip.
A child Ulip has twin benefits

Why invest in Children Insurance
A Good Gift

A Good Gift

You can gift your child a childrens plan, on his first birthday. This is a gift he will always remember and cherish.

Good Education

Good Education

You can provide your children, with good quality education and not bother about the cost.

Rider Benefits

Rider Benefits

Child plans with waiver of premium rider, ensures your child has a good education, even in your absence.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

You get tax deductions on your salary, if you invest in a child plan. The amount you get at maturity is tax free.

Insurance + Investments

The child Ulip can be taken by you (parent), your spouse or even your parents (child's grandparents), as the proposer of the policy. The child ulip is taken on the proposer's life. (You/Spouse/Child's grandparents) and he/she becomes the life assured under the policy.

If you are the life assured of the child ulip plan, on your death a lump sum is provided to your child (or the guardian), for your child's education.

Lock in Period

The child Ulip has a lock in of 5 years. (You must stay invested for five years).


n Ulips. These are deducted from the premiums you pay.

Tax benefits of child ulip plans

You get a deduction under Section 80C of the Income tax act up to INR 1.5 Lakhs per year, on your taxable salary for the premiums you pay for the child ulip.

The maturity amount you get when the child ulip matures, or the death benefit your child gets on your (life assured) death, are tax free under Section 10(10D) of the income tax act.

What is a child ulip with a waiver of premium rider?

You have to pay the premiums in a child ulip plan until the maturity of the plan or for a fixed period.

If you (life assured), die before the maturity of the plan, the child ulip pays your child (or his guardian), the death benefits (sum assured).

What makes a child ulip plan with a waiver of premium rider unique is on your (life assured) death, all future premiums are paid by the Insurer (Life Insurance Company).

On maturity of the plan (when your child is 18-25 years of age), the child gets a maturity amount which is the fund value of the plan.

The child ulip policy makes payments twice :

On your (life assured) death the sum assured is paid.
On the maturity of the policy the fund value is paid.

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