" Tired of waiting to ride your dream bike? Just avail a two wheeler loan. "

Two Wheeler Loan

What is a two wheeler loan?

You can avail a two wheeler loan secured against your two wheeler (The two wheeler is the collateral) .You can also avail a two wheeler loan without collateral. Your bank would charge you a higher rate of interest if your two wheeler loan is unsecured.

What are the documents required to avail a two wheeler loan?

You need an identity proof such as a Pan card , Passport , Voters Identity or a Driver's license.
You need an address proof such as a Passport, Voters card, Driver's license, Utility bills (Electricity or a water bill) or a ration card.
You need an income proof such as your last three months salary slip or the Form 16. You might also need to show your bank statements of the last three months.

Why avail Two Wheeler Loan?
Low Interest

Low Interest

Banks offer two wheeler loans at competitive interest rates. Women borrowers get a discount on the interest rates.

Special Schemes

Special Schemes

You get two wheeler loans at a lower rate of interest in the festive seasons.

Easy Documentation

Easy Documentation

Hassle Free Documentation. The loan is processed within 48 hours. Loan financing up to 85% of on road price of the motor cycle.

Flexible Tenure

Flexible Tenure

Flexible repayment and tenure. No Guarantor or Collateral required for this loan.

Eligibility criteria to avail Two Wheeler Loan

You should be at least 21 years old at the time you apply for the loan, and less than or equal to 65 years at the maturity of the loan.
You should be residing in the city for at least a year. You should be working for at least one year.
You should have a landline number either at your residence or at office.
You need a minimum CIBIL score of 700 for the final sanctioning of your loan.

Key factors to consider for Two Wheeler Loan

Special schemes of a two wheeler loan

You can avail a two wheeler loan at a lower rate of interest in the festive seasons.
Women get a discount on the interest when they avail a two wheeler loan under some special schemes.

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