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Top 10 Ratan Tata Quotes Research Team | Posted On Thursday, August 09,2018, 12:18 PM

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Top 10 Ratan Tata Quotes



10 Famous Quotes By Ratan Tata

Following are 10 Famous Quotes By Ratan Tata

1. “Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one - that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitable as I could be.”

Ratan Tata Quotes

A business without values and ethics is like a building floating in the air with no foundation, security and future. If a business is not fair to its stakeholders, difficult times follow.


2. "I don't believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right."

Ratan Tata Quotes

A decision might prove to be right, today. Tomorrow it may be a bad one because of changing times and situations. When things go wrong, the smart thing to do is work things out. Take responsibility and clean up the mess.


3. “I have been constantly telling people to encourage people, to question the unquestioned and not to be ashamed to bring up new ideas, new processes to get things done.”

Ratan Tata Quotes

Encourage colleagues to do a better job. Ask for suggestions, ideas and work together. Great inventions and discoveries have been made because one question led to many others.


4. “People still believe what they read is necessarily the truth.”

Ratan Tata Quotes

In today’s fast paced World, not everything you read is the truth. The recent biopic ‘Sanju’ is proof of this. When words leave your mouth, the recipient adds his/her flavor to them and then passes it on. Information may be based on inadequate or wrong information. Fake news is rampant these days. Do not believe things in an instant. You might have read someone else’s version.


5. “If we dispense with some of our self-made boundaries, India can really take its place in the world as an economic power. It hasn't happened because we, sadly, don't look at ourselves as Indians but as Punjabis or Parsis, unlike the Americans. Don't make such boundaries.”

Ratan Tata Quotes

Our preamble proudly states that we are a diverse nation. But, what about the self-made boundaries within our country and minds? Religion shouldn’t be a hindrance to growth or success of a country. Remember, we are Indians first.

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6. “New startups embody the creativity, the innovation of young people, and for me, it was and is a very worthwhile experience to interact with them.”

Ratan Tata Quotes

Young minds are the future of a country. Startups hire youngsters. Why? Youngsters have a new perspective of looking at things. They have an eye for detail.


7. “If there are challenges thrown across, then some interesting, innovative solutions are found. Without challenges, the tendency is to go on the same way.”

Ratan Tata Quotes

Challenges bring about change. If it was not for challenges, then people would never come out of their comfort zone.


8. "Take the stones people throw at you, and use them to build a monument."

Ratan Tata Quotes

Critics are important for your growth. Why fret if people think you are crazy? If that is what they think, it is time you do something really crazy. Turn negatives into positives.


9. “I admire people who are very successful. But if that success has been achieved through too much ruthlessness, then I may admire that person, but I can’t respect him”

Ratan Tata Quotes

If you want to be ruthless, you might win a war, but not a business. Business is not a war; it is about healthy competition and growth. Be kind, ethical and fair.


10. “We wish to wear high brands, but feel most comfortable in pyjamas…

We wish to sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people, but we enjoy roadside vendor food with friends the most…

We wish to own big cars and go on long drive yet we talk our heart out only while walking down a long road…

We have 64GB iPods filled with songs but sometimes a song on radio brings smile…”

Ratan Tata Quotes

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