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25 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India Research Team | Posted On Thursday, January 02,2020, 03:56 PM

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25 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India



Large scale or small scale production of goods from raw materials using machines or labor is called a manufacturing business. These manufactured goods can then be sold directly to end-users, wholesalers or other businesses to produce complex goods.

The manufacturing business has many benefits. The manufacturer decides the quality of goods, as they are produced within the business premises. Quality can be improved or goods can be customized according to customer needs. This gives job opportunities and is a profitable business model.

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25 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

In this article, we are mentioning a few manufacturing business ideas that can be profitable in India.

  1. Agarbattis /Incense Sticks: Most of the Indian households use agarbattis. It is used for praying, for home decor and so on. The basic raw materials required for starting an agarbatti manufacturing unit are bamboo sticks and fragrance oils. These are comparatively cheap and will require only small capital investment, making it an easy start-up for beginners.
  2. Organic Soaps: When the whole World is turning organic, why not us? Organic soaps are in high demand and can be a distinctive manufacturing startup. It requires knowledge regarding soap making and various natural products. It is an untapped niche market that has huge potential.
  3. Herbal Cosmetics: Indians spend a lot of money on cosmetics. With increased concern for skincare, people are switching from chemical cosmetics to herbal cosmetics. We have a history of using herbal products like neem, turmeric, etc for skincare. This can be further enhanced with proper R&D to manufacture effective products.
  4. Paper Bags: Eco-friendly carry bags are in demand after successful "no plastic" campaigns. There is a need to eliminate plastic from our daily life to protect nature. This is the right time to come up with an alternative. Paper bags are easy to carry and easy to dispose of. So paper bags would be a great idea, to begin with!
  5. Coconut Hair Oil: It is an excellent small scale business which can be started with a small capital of around a Lakh. The essential raw material required is dried coconut. Besides selling coconut hair oil to local markets, it can be exported to international markets if proper quality and standards are maintained in manufacturing and packaging.
  6. Homemade Chocolates: Who does not like chocolates? Along with that,  anything that is homemade has an added advantage of being considered as a product of quality. Homemade chocolates are often bought by foreigners who visit tourist spots.
  7. Homemade Dairy Products: India is one of the world's largest milk producers. This milk can be further used to make ghee, butter, and Paneer.
  8. Candle making: It is a manufacturing business that can be started at home. Candles are used during festivals, parties, special occasions and so on. These days, scented candles are used at hotel rooms, restaurants, and even shops to create a special ambiance.
  9. Frozen Fruits: Frozen fruits are consumed across the World. They are eaten directly or can be used to make jams, yogurts, ice creams and so on. Frozen fruits usually have no chemicals and are great to preserve fruits over a period of time. This is another manufacturing business suggestion that is not taken up by many due to a lack of awareness on the product.
  10. Ready to Cook Food Items: If you look at the cities in India, people are often working from 9AM to way past 6PM and have very little time to cook. Ready to cook food products are great for people residing in cities.
  11. Footwear: There are plenty of footwear companies across the country. Some of these have their own manufacturing units while others purchase from manufacturing units across the country. Footwear manufacturing can be profitable if you can convince footwear companies of your product's quality.
  12. Apparel: Being the second largest populated country in the World, apparels are in demand. Apparel of all kinds can be a great manufacturing idea while selling directly to customers or can be sold to other apparel brands, who further sell under their brand name.
  13. Consumer Electronics: This requires a huge capital investment. But, with the growing need for consumer electronics in every household, this can be a beneficial business.
  14. Bakery: It is a profitable food processing business. You can opt for a single product like buns, croissants or go for a number of them depending on the demand.
  15. Ginger/Garlic Paste: Which Indian curry is prepared without ginger or garlic? Ginger and garlic are an essential part of the Indian kitchen. These days ginger and garlic in paste forms are available in most supermarkets. This makes cooking easy. 
  16. Drinking-Water: With increasing health consciousness, there is a huge demand for packaged drinking water. People opt for packaged drinking water not just outside but also inside. You can start a water packaging unit. Drinking water has a benefit that nobody really looks for the brand name when it comes to water!
  17. Home Decor Items: With online shopping, people are exposed to more products and product ideas. Everyone buys home decor items no matter how small their living space. This includes cushions, cushion covers, curtains, table mats, carpets and so on.
  18. Ice Blocks: Ice blocks are used while transporting meat and fish. Establishing an ice block manufacturing unit in a coastal area or in areas where meat is often transported would be highly profitable.
  19. Eraser Making: Erasers are used by students, artists, and typists. They are made from rubber. Establishing a manufacturing unit would be cost-effective and profitable.
  20. Jute Bag: It is a natural product and is widely available across the country. Like paper bags, jute bags are also in demand. It is cheap and biodegradable.
  21. Packaging Box: This is called a business idea within a business idea. Most of the above-mentioned products require packaging boxes to be sold in the market. Establishing a manufacturing unit for packaging boxes can be advantageous. The process is simple and cost-effective.
  22. Rice Mill: Rice grains are often processed in mills, for the purpose of drying, roasting, powdering and so on. India is the second-largest producer of paddy in the world and a rice mill will certainly be profitable.
  23. Tempered Glass: With the increasing number of smartphones being sold in India, the demand for a tempered glass screen protector is also booming. You can start a manufacturing unit for tempered glass with low investments.
  24. Paper Plates: During parties or functions, people use disposable plates. A manufacturing unit for the same will be a good one to think about.
  25. T-shirt Printing: Printed t-shirts are used by schools, companies, social groups for campaigns. It is a business that involves less risk. Printing quality is the only criterion that must be maintained.

These are just a few thoughts on manufacturing units that would be profitable in India. Proper market research must be done before investing. You must be well aware of product demand, people's purchasing behavior, consumption rate, how strong the competitors are and so on.

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