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3 Reasons Why You Need A Financial Advisor Research Team | Updated On Monday, April 24,2017, 07:09 PM

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Financial Advisor




This great saying tells you why you need a financial advisor. "Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan." When it comes to your money, not planning can be very costly.

No Financial Planning =   Money lost

Don't have time to do your financial planning? No problem....Get a financial advisor to do it for you. There's no time to make excuses. So why do you need a financial advisor? Before I answer this question, I have a question for you. When you are sick, do you treat yourself or go to a doctor? When you have a property dispute, don't you consult your lawyer? So when you need financial advice, you must contact a financial advisor.

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Why you need a financial advisor?


It's time to file income tax returns. There are so many DIY (Do It Yourself) websites, which give you  clear instructions on how to file income tax returns. Yet, you take the help of a financial advisor to help you file ITR. The reason....The human touch is very important when it comes to managing money.

You have so many financial goals. Saving for an emergency, buying a car or a house, taking a vacation, investing for child's education and marriage, investing for retirement and so on. The problem....You just don't know how to make a financial plan. It's time to talk to a financial advisor.

You hate handling money? No problem. What's great is you have recognized your problem. Just talk to a financial advisor and he will handle it for you.


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3 Reasons Why You Need A Financial Advisor 


1. There's a big change in your life


You will soon be married or having a first child. This is a big change in your life. You definitely need the services of a financial advisor. A financial advisor will help you understand how much you need to save and invest for your child's education and marriage. The financial advisor will encourage you to avail life and health insurance and also invest based on your risk profile.


  • A financial advisor could alert you on wasteful expenditure and help reduce it.
  • You tell him the investments you have made and he identifies if they are giving good returns.
  • Your financial advisor helps you file ITR and gives advice on good investments to save tax.
  • Your financial advisor explains how various financial products work and helps you make the investments.


2. You have just got an inheritance


Inherited a lot of money and don't know what to do with it? It's time to call a financial advisor, before you waste all this money. Sure, you have not earned all this money, but your parents/grandparents have slogged for years to earn this money, which they have lovingly bestowed on you. Why waste it?

The financial advisor will advice you on whether you should use this money to retire loans or save/invest it. The financial advisor can help you save and invest this money for retirement or any major financial goal. Simply put, the financial advisor helps you get the maximum out of your inheritance.


3. You want to invest in equity


Hardly 2-3% of Indian citizens invest in equity. Stocks are perceived to be a very dangerous investment and best avoided. A financial advisor, can help you invest in stocks and equity mutual funds. Your financial advisor teaches you the art of investing and explains how equity mutual funds work. He advises you on the right way to invest in equity. A financial advisor is a great help when stock markets are crashing.

When stock markets crash, you might be in panic mode. A financial advisor helps you control your emotions and gives you unbiased financial advice. He tells you what best to do in such situations.

Just take a look at what happened during demonetization. Investors panicked and believed the economy would soon collapse, selling good quality shares at low prices. This was a mistake they would soon regret. This was also an excellent opportunity to buy good quality stocks, which was missed by several investors. If you had committed these mistakes, perhaps a financial advisor could have made a difference.

Earning money is not all about hard work. You can also enjoy your money. A financial advisor helps you save and invest your money, so that you can go on a vacation. Perhaps, even a foreign tour. You can start having some fun and treat yourself. Think you still don't need a financial advisor? Be Wise, Get Rich. 


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2.0 / 5 based on 2 User Reviews
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