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4 Ways To Save For A Dream Vacation? Research Team | Posted On Friday, April 15,2016, 06:31 PM

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4 Ways To Save For A Dream Vacation?



You have been bitten by the travel bug. You just have to travel. The beautiful cities you visit… the sights you see…. This is something you cannot see sitting in your workstation in your office and drumming your fingers over your laptop. This is the stuff of dreams. Nothing better to fire your imagination than travelling to an exotic place.

Skydiving in Mauritius a paradise on earth, Watching Kangaroos in Australia, A visit to the famous Niagara Falls in Canada…. This has to be your dream vacation. But travelling costs money….a lot of money. You have to save for your dream vacation.

You need to start planning early

You want a great holiday. You need to start planning early. Your holiday spends, depend on the income you earn. You need to set aside about 8-10% of your annual income for travel and vacation expenses, if you want a great holiday. The money you need for a great holiday depends on where you want to go…. how you plan to get there….what you plan to do once you get there. If you plan your trip in advance, you can save a lot of money. You get a discount on your airfare if you book your flight a few months in advance. You can stay in budget hotels and home stays instead of a costly hotel. Book your hotel in advance and avail a good discount. Ask your children to search for a good home stay on the internet. You will be surprised how smart they are.

Keep money for daily expenses

You can save a lot of money by concentrating on the small things….Your food and drink and your daily travelling expenses. Keep money aside for your food, drink and your daily travelling expenses, in separate envelopes for each day you spend at the hotel. Add just a little more money in each of these envelopes, for unexpected emergencies. When you get to your hotel, you lock these envelopes in the hotel safe. Use money from each envelope, for that particular day of your holiday.

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Plan your gifts

You have gone on a holiday to France. You pass a store and see a designer bag. You are tempted to buy it for your friend. You pass another store and see a lovely souvenir of the Eiffel tower of Paris. You are tempted to pick this beautiful souvenir for your cousin. Every time you enter a store, you remember family and friends. You cannot afford to buy gifts and souvenirs for all of them. So what do you do? You need to make a list of family and friends, for whom you are going to buy gifts and how much you want to spend, on each of them. This has to be done before you leave home, for the holiday. Choose a nice gift shop and buy gifts and souvenirs in bulk. You will get a good discount and save a lot of money.

Get a taste of the local food

When you get to your dream destination, the first thing you do, meet up with the locals and find where you get good local cuisine and the restaurants which serve it. If your dream holiday is near the sea, try the local seafood. Check out street food. You will find excellent street food in some of the cities you visit. You will find the street food cheaper than what you get at a restaurant. It is also quite tasty. 

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