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Aadhaar Adds Security To Protect Your Data Research Team | Posted On Friday, January 12,2018, 03:43 PM

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Aadhaar Adds Security To Protect Your Data



Aadhaar is in the news. This is because of a reporter Rachna Khaira from "The Tribune." A report was published saying, anonymous sellers on Whatsapp were providing access to Aadhaar numbers for a fee. According to this report, the correspondent supposedly purchased a service offered by an anonymous seller on WhatsApp by paying Rs 500 via Paytm. This anonymous seller created a "gateway" for the correspondent and gave her a Login ID and a Password.

The correspondent claims that with this Login ID and Password, you can enter any Aadhaar Number in the portal and gain access to the name, address, photo, email id, phone number and postal code of the person.  The anonymous seller was paid another Rs 300 for which "software" was provided to the correspondent, to facilitate printing of the Aadhaar Card, after the Aadhaar Number of any individual was entered. UIDAI has denied that any Aadhaar data breach took place. UIDAI says biometric information is fully safe and secure. The UIDAI has tweeted on its official Twitter Account," No biometric data breach."

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Aadhaar Adds Security To Protect Your Data

Aadhaar consists of biometric, identity and personal usage information. Biometric data is fingerprints, iris scans and photos. These are well protected by the Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR), maintained by UIDAI. Identity information consists of 12-digit Aadhaar number and demographic parameters which are highly secure.

1. Aadhaar is protected by "Virtual ID"

You can start generating your virtual ID from March 1st 2018. You simply log on to the UIDAI website and give your 12-digit Aadhaar Number. The UIDAI website will generate a 16-digit temporary "Virtual ID". The Virtual ID is just a random 16-digit number. You can generate the Virtual ID as many times as you want. The older ID is automatically cancelled once the fresh ID is generated. The Virtual ID is valid only for a certain period of time, or till you decide to change it.

You can share this virtual ID with a bank, insurer or a mobile service provider, instead of giving your 12-digit Aadhaar Number. This virtual ID along with your biometrics, will give any authorized agency like a mobile service provider, limited details like name, address and photograph which are sufficient for any verification.

UIDAI has introduced "limited KYC" where need-based details of a user are given to an authorized agency, which offers a particular service. Agencies which undertake authentication are not allowed to generate the Virtual ID on your behalf. Virtual ID will be compulsory from June 1st 2018,  for all agencies undertaking authentication.

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2. No Sharing Aadhaar with Government Agencies

You have a choice never to disclose the 12-digit Aadhaar Number even to Government Agencies, mandated by the law to store the unique identity number, as stated by top officials in the Central Agency. The Income Tax Department and some other agencies are required by law to map Aadhaar.

You don't need to give your Aadhaar Number to any of these agencies. You can use the "Virtual ID" to authenticate any information.

If you are filing income tax returns online, you can use the Virtual ID Number instead of the 12-digit Aadhaar, to make the transaction go through.

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3. How safe is the Virtual ID?

The 16-digit Virtual ID is a temporary number, which is mapped to the Aadhaar. It is not possible to derive (obtain or get) the Aadhaar number from the Virtual ID.

There is no way fraudsters can get your Aadhaar Number from the Virtual ID.

Your Aadhaar Number will have only one active Virtual ID at any given time. You can revoke or generate a new Virtual ID, after a maximum validity period.

Authentication agencies cannot generate a Virtual ID on your behalf.

UIDAI wants to regulate the number of agencies which ask you for Aadhaar and store Aadhaar as an identity proof, so that you may avail certain services. UIDAI has introduced the concept of Limited KYC.

Authentication User Agencies (AUA) are required to store Aadhaar Number as per law. The Authentication User Agencies are divided into Global AUAs and Local AUAs. Global AUAs are required and allowed to store Aadhaar Number as per law. The Local AUAs are allowed only a limited KYC and cannot store Aadhaar Numbers.

UIDAI has made sure your Aadhaar data is in safe hands. Your Privacy and Security is protected. Be Wise, Get Rich.

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