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Adopt A Slumdog And Save A Life

Mr. C.S. Sudheer | Posted On Friday, May 27,2016, 03:53 PM

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Adopt A Slumdog And Save A Life



You live in a metro city. Life in a metro city is fast…very fast. Rushing from home to office and then office to home. Your life just zips past you. Time just flies by. Life in a metro city means late nights at office. There is only an entry time….no exit time. You have to return home at very late hours. The cab drops you near your home. You have to walk a few 100 meters to your house. The power has failed and the neighborhood is completely dark. You don’t find a single person on the road. Not surprising…your neighborhood is always deserted at this late hour. You walk slowly towards your home. Then suddenly…3 knife wielding youths stop you. They demand your watch, your costly smart phone and of course, your wallet. Unfortunately you are carrying your laptop. This is taken too….Within seconds these youth disappear into the darkness. It was too dark to see their faces. You are poorer by several thousand rupees.  What’s so surprising about the robbery? Those were just teenagers. You were robbed by a bunch of teenagers who could be from the nearby slums. You have read several cases like this in the newspaper. The police cannot be everywhere and these teenagers know this. Is there any way to stop these crimes at the root? For those who don’t know, children who live in slums in extremely dirty conditions in metro cities, are called slumdogs.

Slumdogs are just normal children

You play with your children at home. They demand good food as all growing children do. They want new toys. A good education is very important for them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Slumdogs are also just normal children. They too dream of making it big one day. They might be staying in slums around the airport and dream of becoming pilots. They might want to become doctors or engineers. These children want to study, but cannot afford to. Parents might not be able to afford the school fees, or no money at home might force these children to take up menial jobs. Slumdogs see other children enjoying life and wish that they could do so. Unable to realize their dreams and frustrated with the situation at home, many of these children turn to a life of crime. Can something be done about this?

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Why adopt a slumdog?

A super hit movie “Slumdog Millionaire” was released in January 2009. ‘A teenager from the slums of Mumbai, becomes a contestant on the show, ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati?’ This is the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, a game show in the US. This teenager actually wins the grand prize. The success of this movie led to what is the slumdog effect. Many citizens wanted to sponsor a slumdog. The perception of citizens that slumdogs are useless had changed. Slumdogs if given a good education could do wonders for the Nation.

You earn good income and are well settled. You have sold inherited property for a few crores. Money is not a problem for you. You feel like giving back something to society. Why not adopt a slumdog?  Your money could give him a good education and better healthcare. You could help this child realize his dreams and aspirations, with a good education. You could save his childhood days which might otherwise be spent in hard labor in a sweatshop. He might run away from home and fall prey to gangsters, who could lead him to a life of crime. Worse…you might run into him on a dark night in your neighborhood after a hard day at work, or even a late night party. You could be saving your own neck.


Say goodbye to child labor

Slumdogs are forced to work as domestic helper’s and also in restaurants, roadside dhabas and construction sites. Sadly these children should be going to schools and getting a good education. Instead they work long hours in very inhumane conditions. Child labor is prohibited in the country…But it does happen. Why do slumdogs not get a good education? Their parents need food on the table and any job fetches money. Getting their child well educated takes time and money, the results of which are not immediately seen. Even if a parent can afford education, he does not see any immediate benefit. This means no education. End of the road…This is where you step in. You adopt this child after convincing his parents and then admit him to a good school. You take care of his healthcare and other expenses, so that his parents have no worries.

You have the satisfaction of doing something good. A child has been saved from a life of misery and crime. This is definitely better than wasting your money on parties and buying things you don’t really need. Your money ensures a bright future for him. This is the kind of happiness and satisfaction, no money can buy. Tomorrow this child can make a great contribution to the nation and you have the satisfaction of helping him do so.

You help to build a strong India

The slumdog you adopt could be the next great cricketer…the next film superstar…the next great scientist. He could even become a teacher and coach the next generation of superstars. You have far more power in your hands than you can ever imagine. Power to shape the future of the nation. All this by a simple act of adopting him.

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