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B-Schools or Schools of Businesses

    Miss Divya Cetlur | Monday, March 08,2010, 02:41 PM

B-Schools or Schools of Businesses

Education today has become a business in which the only thing that matters is numbers. We can see colleges mushrooming in all the nooks and corners. It may seem like a good sign as it would cater to the increasing number of students seeking higher education, but the truth is that the quality of education has been on a downward spiral. The quantity has increased but the quality has not. Every day we see advertisements announcing new courses or the inauguration of new colleges.

Management colleges have come up in huge numbers in our country. An MBA degree has become a norm today and everyone wants a degree for themselves. In this mad rush to get an MBA degree, students tend to overlook important aspects, like the course content or even the affiliation of the college to a recognized university. This has led to a drop in the quality of education being imparted and students find it difficult to get a job even though they have a post graduate degree.

Institutions are taking wrong advantage of the huge demand for management graduates. Colleges are running MBA courses without the proper infrastructure and also without qualified teaching staff. Students are lured with the promise of guaranteed job offers and high pay cheques. They are blinded by the glitzy advertisements and fail to do the background checks of the colleges.

An MBA degree is seen only as a ticket to a job and not as something which would add value to one self. This has led to many misconceptions and the business minded colleges are taking advantage out of it. The time has come for the students to wake up and consider the various options and evaluate a college on all its merits and demerits before taking any decision about their careers. Numerous surveys that rank colleges in our country are misleading and students should validate the source of these surveys before believing in them.

The time has come for the youth to identify the genuine gems from the fake and to make the right decisions; for it is their career and this decision could make or break it.

Miss Divya Cetlur

Miss Divya Cetlur is a management graduate from IFIM B-School, Bangalore. She believes that change is the only constant and you got to be open to ideas, views and knowledge to scale up to new heights in life.. She vouches that

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