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7 Best Mutual Fund Mobile Apps For Investing Online In India Research Team | Posted On Friday, August 31,2018, 04:55 PM

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7 Best Mutual Fund Mobile Apps For Investing Online In India



Mutual funds are a good long-term investment. They are flexible and you can invest even Rs 500 a month. Mutual Funds can be held for as long as you wish.

From time to time, fund houses introduce and improve services keeping in mind investor experience. Mutual funds houses have launched and enhanced online investing portals.

Many fund houses have come up with mutual fund mobile apps. These apps have various features which make investments in mutual funds really easy.

Mutual funds have emerged as the best financial instrument to grow your money in the medium to long term. The mutual funds are a professionally managed investment scheme in which the money invested is pooled together and put in equities, debt or a mix of both.

With the advancement of technology, mutual fund houses have also introduced investments via smartphone apps to enhance the customer’s experience. Investing in online mutual funds gives good returns and is easy to access; making it a favourable investment option among investors. 

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7 Best Mutual Fund Mobile Apps for Investing Online in India

Through Mutual Fund Mobile Apps, investors can view accounts and make SIP payments on the go. Mutual Fund apps make it possible to invest in mutual funds at a click of button and withdraw money from any nearby ATM.

Through the online mutual fund account, investors access their profiles, view account details on the go and make payments easily. Given below is a list of best smartphone mutual fund apps that enhance the investment experience

Mutual Funds:

Mutual funds are schemes in which several investors’ money is pooled and invested in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments, (think equity/debt/or a mix of both). These are professionally managed. When you invest in mutual funds, you are allotted mutual fund units denoting your share of holdings in that scheme. These units can be purchased and redeemed at current NAV (Net Asset Value) of the fund. NAVs reflect fluctuations in the value of the underlying securities.

You can invest in mutual funds in two ways:

1. Lump Sum: Investing the entire amount in one go.

2. SIP (Systematic Investment Plans): It is a systematic approach while investing in a mutual fund. A pre-determined amount is invested at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on).

Before picking the best mobile app for your mutual fund investments, compare the features on various apps. Let’s have a look at the 7 best mutual funds mobile Apps in India:

1. MyCams Mutual Fund App:

MyCams Mutual Fund App has won the Best Financial App Award at GMASA, for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. Many investors believe this to be the No.1 mutual funds mobile app. This app helps access your investments and facilitates easier and smarter ways to transact in mutual funds. You can trade in several mutual funds at once using this single gateway and can purchase, redeem and switch your schemes. The platform comes with zero brokerage charges and can be opened using your Aadhaar based KYC. This is one of the best mutual fund investment apps and offers users an array of benefits and features.

MyCams Mutual Fund App has the following features:

1. You can access investments across multiple mutual fund schemes through a single gateway.

2. You can purchase, redeem and switch across mutual funds schemes and AMCs.

3. It allows Aadhaar based eKYC.

4. Investment in Mutual funds through SIPs.

5. Lump sum investment in mutual funds.

6. Track mutual funds by creating ‘mywatchlist’.

7. View pan level investments if your family members are also investing.

8. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

2. InvesTap Mutual Fund App from SBI Mutual funds:

The app is managed by the SBI mutual fund and allows the user to browse, invest, switch and redeem investments. You can track the performance of your mutual fund scheme and plan your investments accordingly. You can also get real-time notification updates regarding your mutual funds. This is one of the best investment apps as it provides SIP calculator so that you can calculate your returns.

InvesTap has the following features:

1. Plan investments as per financial goals.

2. Has an inbuilt SIP calculator to know SIP returns.

3. Browse through funds, invest, switch, redeem and track performances of various mutual fund schemes.

4. Alerts on real-time tips and notifications regarding NAV.

5. Start investing with your PAN.

3. KTrack Mobile App by Karvy:

This is a personal mutual fund manager smartphone app which assists in making smart investment moves. The app is user-friendly and connects you to the market, gives easy access to the latest reports and live share market news, and allows complete control of your trading.

Some of the distinctive features of the app are a personalised dashboard, portfolio and graphic representation of the investments. You get detailed information on the market, strategies and analysis, provides technical and fundamental reports making it one of the best trading platforms in India.

Karvy introduced a personal mutual fund manager mobile app called KTrack. It has the following features:

1. Make a lump sum investment.

2. Invest through SIPs.

3. You can redeem and switch between mutual funds.

4. Distributors can track their clients’ mutual fund portfolios.

5. This app is only compatible with Android and not iOS devices.

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4. IPRUTouch App by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund:

This is a mobile application used by the distributors and investors for a simple and convenient way to trade in mutual funds. You have easy access to mutual fund schemes, capital gains account and your own account through this app. you can also buy or sell a mutual fund, transact in a hassle-free way, connect to customer care services for help and get a detailed view of your portfolio using this app. 

1. Available to investors and mutual fund distributors of ICICI Prudential Mutual funds only.

2. You can only invest in ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Scheme though this app.

3. You can buy, sell mutual funds.

4. Access your account and check capital gains.

5. Invest in ICICI Prudential MF through SIP/SWP/STP.

5. FinGo App by Aditya Birla SunLife Mutual Funds:

This is one of the best mutual fund apps that provide a host of services anytime, anywhere. Using this app you can transact, redeem, and purchase mutual funds. You can view your investment details using your portfolio and request an account statement. The app also gives information on dividends and NAV updates.

1. This app gives you information on Birla Sun Life mutual funds. Through this app, you can also post queries and make service requests.

2. You can view real-time account statements.

3. Invest and transact mutual funds.

4. Gives dividend and NAV updates.

6. HDFCMF Mobile App from HDFC Mutual Funds:

This mobile app aims to simplify the investment process by allowing instant registration and portfolio creation. The app allows access via your smartphone. You can get real-time account statements and can transact online in any mutual fund schemes. The app offers a host of features to ease the process of your investments like easy login, download and generate reports, easy access to the personalized dashboard, and change of bank details, change dividend investment options and so on. The app helps invest in good funds and manages your finances efficiently.

1. Access your portfolio and view its NAV.

2. Invest, redeem and switch between HDFC mutual fund schemes.

7. GoMF App by MF Utilities:

This app is an initiative to make transactions and investments in mutual funds; really easy. The app works seamlessly and is user-friendly. It offers the ability to access the profile or transact in mutual funds anywhere, anytime. You can buy and sell mutual fund schemes and select SIP, STP and SWP online using this app. the app comes with a host of other benefits and is available for iPhone and android users.

1. Mutual fund investors are assigned a Common Account Number.

2. You can buy or sell mutual funds.

3. You can transact and view unit holdings online.

4. Make investments through SIP, STP and SWP.

5. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of investing in mutual funds:

  • By investing in mutual funds; you can diversify your investments.
  • Mutual funds offer a wide range of choices based on your risk appetite and financial goals.
  • It is a good option for small investors as you do not need much money for the investment.
  • It helps in long term wealth creation due to the compounding of the invested amount.
  • You can also get tax-benefits by investing in mutual fund schemes, especially ELSS.

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