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Union Budget of India 2008

Mr. C.S. Sudheer | Posted On Tuesday, June 24,2008, 07:38 AM

Union Budget of India 2008




Budget 2008

I am late…….. Yes, I am late to discuss about Budget-2008 as it has got over 2 days back. But my intention is not to discuss “what is there in the budget?’.

My dear reader, India is our home and a family member of ours has prepared a financial plan for the family for a year. Our job is not only to see ‘what is there for me?’ Instead we have to make sure that the plan is getting implemented and managed properly.

If your mother or father promises to get you something in that month or year, how patiently, interestingly, angrily and terribly you behave to get that done. In the same way, it is our responsibility to make sure that the promises of our Government and the People running the Government, is going to realize.

We have experienced many times that our politicians are giving huge promises at the time of election and even while announcing the budget, but how far they stood as per their words and commitments. This shows that they are capitalizing our ignorance and innocence. We can avoid external robbers, but it is highly impossible to keep away the internal robbers. We have Government publications and websites to know about the plans and strategies of the Government, but we hardly have anything, which speaks about the implementation of the same.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and now, it needs a well designed plan which can take India to the top of the world. Western countries have started worrying about the possible outcome from Indian economy and its effects. It is true that 'Indians are very clever and we are very actively and intelligently participating in the development of the Global economy'. But my question is ‘How many of us are working for the Development of the Indian Economy?’.

Yesterday, while having lunch with my senior colleagues, I was arguing that the most expected FDI limits should not come to 49% as it will affect a lot on the “own ness” of the country. One of my colleagues was telling me that ‘we need FDI flows in to India as we don’t have money to invest’. But, I don’t agree that at any point of time as it hurts me a lot to call my Nation as a poor one.

I hope you all might have gone through the headlines of Budget-2008 announced by Mr. Chidambaram, but I don’t know, what you called as the “Tragedy?” I observed one most hurting element in the Budget 2008 that “we are paying 21% of our total expenditure only as interest against the loans and borrowings".

Therefore, my dear readers we really have to look at many things and corners which can contribute for the development of the Nation in a larger extent. I will surely discuss with you regularly about such topics.

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