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Earn More To Save More Research Team | Posted On Monday, May 02,2016, 06:59 PM

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Earn More To Save More



You work very hard. When you reach home you are tired…exhausted…But there is a small problem. No matter how hard you work, you struggle to make ends meet. There is always no money in your pocket…You’re pockets are always empty. This is when you read some good financial advice. Save More. Spend Less. Invest in an SIP of an equity mutual fund. Invest in a good fixed deposit. Invest for the long term…long term …long term…This is the path to financial freedom and the way to wealth. You know all this. Then why can’t you save any money.

You spend too much. Is this why you cannot save?

Do you travel abroad each year? Do you buy the latest laptop?  The big question, Are you a heavy spender? You do none of these things…Then why are your pockets always empty, in spite of you having steady earnings?

Money is always spent on dreams and what you hope to get in the future. You are willing to spend money on something which promises you or your family, a better future. Your friend’s son is a good cricketer. You want your son also to be a good cricketer. If your friend’s son becomes the next Sachin Tendulkar, then your son must become the next Virat Kohli. It doesn’t matter how costly the cricketing gear is…You’ll buy it for your son.

Does it matter that all your money is spent, buying bats and cricket gear for your son? Your son will after all become a great cricketer. The future is bright. It doesn’t matter if you have no money today. Every expense is for your son’s bright future.

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Do you spend because you need to?fix

Every expense has a justification. You need to go on a foreign holiday because you are stressed out at work? You need costly clothes to maintain a good image in society? You spend money at a personal stylist to maintain a good professional image. You have to go on a family holiday to maintain family relationships. You get positive emotions when you spend money on yourself and your family.

What does this mean….You live hand to mouth without being called poor. You are poor without being called poor. You spend all you earn, without being able to save any money.

How a financial advisor can help you save?

You are not able to save any money. You are feeling guilty and ashamed about this. You feel all alone. What’s your first thought? Everyone else must be saving money, why can’t you do the same? This is when you must avail the services of a financial advisor. Advice from a financial advisor. Self blame and self pity take you nowhere. There are other citizens in this country who face this same problem.

Feel you are spending too much? Financial advisors can help you cut back on some expensive habits. Financial advisors can help you develop smart habits and save your money.

You know you spend too much. So how can a financial advisor help you? Financial advisors can help you make better financial decisions. This could make you rich.

You saved your money. This was going to be your winning month. Then…car broke down and repairs were huge. Spending on exceptional items, this always happens when you win. Financial advisors will help you draw a financial plan to manage exceptional expenses.

What’s the solution to your problem?

You are poor not because you don’t save. You are poor because you don’t earn enough to save. This is your problem. You need to find a way to increase your income.

How about this…First learn, then earn. You are the engine of your wealth. Take up a vocational course which will help you earn more. You can also concentrate on doing a course in your field of work and earn a higher income.



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