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Every Rupee Will Have A Trail Says Prime Minister Research Team | Posted On Friday, December 30,2016, 06:44 PM

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Every Rupee Will Have A Trail Says Prime Minister



The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has given his first interview, after the Note Ban. This was an interview, you and a number of our citizens, were eagerly waiting for. Yes…The Prime Minister was well aware of what he was doing, when he scrapped 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, on November 8th 2016. The Government was well aware of the complexity and magnitude of the challenge it would face.

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What was the benefit of demonetization?

The Prime Minister himself has an answer. Demonetization has forced black money into the open. There is no escape for corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen or any professional, holding and hiding BLACK MONEY. Now, holders of black money can hide behind the bank accounts of others….but, they can always be traced. Black money can easily be hidden in cash….It’s not easy to hide black money in a bank account. It leaves a trail.

This forces black money out into the open. This is like a game of hide and seek. The corrupt will hide their black money….But, the Government will find them. The corrupt have a few days to hide ….The Government has the TIME….THE MECHANISM….And most importantly, THE WILL to find and catch them. 

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Why Demonetization?

The Prime Minister believes…. India is 40 years late in this decision of demonetization. The season after Diwali is the time the Indian economy generally does well. If demonetization has to be done….What better time than when the economy is doing well.

Its common sense….A move as complex as demonetization, just cannot be done when the economy is not strong. This move was consciously taken, when the economy was strong and in good shape. This move could further fortify the foundations of the economy.

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Benefits of Demonetization

Fake currency was in very high volumes in the country. This fake currency in high denomination notes, was in the hands of the enemies of the country. Intelligence agencies of India, have reported the enemies of the country have been neutralized, after this bold move.

Districts which were famous for counterfeit currency centers have been badly hit. Cash in the hands of Terrorists, Naxalites, Maoists and Extremists is of no use, after demonetization. Illegal activities like smuggling, human trafficking and narcotics trading, have taken a severe beating.

India is on the cusp of becoming a Developed Nation and a Global Power. Evils such as black money are holding our country back. The Government wants to clean up the Nation, of all this filth. Demonetization has done this job.

Why so many changes so fast after demonetization?

You might have seen a lot of changes, many of them very frequent, after demonetization. Why so many changes by the RBI and the Government? The Prime Minister has an answer. If you want to stay a foot ahead of the enemy of the Nation, decisions need to be taken on a daily basis.

The Government is very clear with its NITI (Policy). The primary intention is to bring out hidden black money and neutralize counterfeit currency. The RAN-NITI (Strategy) could have been different. But….staying a foot ahead of the enemy, requires decisions to be taken on a daily basis. 

Finally….The Prime Minister thanks the citizens of India, who have stood like a rock, behind him. They are willing to bear personal short term pain, for the gain of the Nation. The citizens of our country, understand what needs to be done, to root out the evil of black money in our economy.

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