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Financial Lessons From Tiger Zinda Hai Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, January 02,2018, 03:16 PM

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Financial Lessons From Tiger Zinda Hai



Superstar Salman Khan is back and the theatres are full. Salman is starring in the super hit movie, Tiger Zinda Hai, which is a sequel to the blockbuster film, "Ek Tha Tiger." The film sailed past the Rs 250 Crore mark on its second weekend.

The plot of the film, goes like this. In Ikrit, Syria, 25 Indian nurses and 15 Pakistani nurses are held hostage in a hospital, by dreaded terrorist Abu Usman who is the head of ISC, a feared terrorist Organization.

The Chairman of RAW, Shenoy,  asks Tiger (Salman Khan) to rescue the nurses, and tells him he has only 7 days before the US launches airstrikes to destroy the hospital and kill Usman.

With a stunning performance in this movie, Salman Khan leaves you breathless, as the movie twists and turns towards the climax. This movie is not just about entertainment. There are financial lessons to be learned from Tiger Zinda Hai.

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Financial Lessons From Tiger Zinda Hai

Why do you go to the theatre to watch a super hit movie like Tiger Zinda Hai, apart from the entertainment of course? Well, don't be surprised if I say, it's for the financial lessons.

1. Be financially prepared by doing your homework


In the movie Tiger Zinda Hai, Tiger teaches you that to succeed in a Mission, you must be prepared. When Tiger's Ex Boss Shenoy tells him that he will give him the blueprint of his plan to rescue the nurses, Tiger tells him that won't be necessary.

We assume Tiger already knew about the nurses and had come up with a plan to rescue them. Tiger always does his homework and being prepared beforehand, helps him succeed in his mission. You must have seen the superb scene of Salman riding a horse as he takes on the terrorists. Salman Khan actually took horse riding lessons in Morocco to prepare for this scene.

When investing in stocks do your research. Understand the business of the Company, its growth prospects, its competitive advantages vis-a-vis peers and check out for an economic moat. If a  Company has cutting-edge technology, protection through patents, brands and licenses or the company offers a product or a service which is unique and has lots of demand and other companies cannot easily match it, this is an economic moat. You must thoroughly study and understand the financial products, where you want to make an investment.


2. Take financial advice only from those you trust



In Tiger Zinda Hai, Tiger refuses to take the help of the team of fighters sent by RAW, to help him succeed in the mission. He prefers to use his own team. His team consists of a tech wizard (Rakesh), a bomb diffuser (Namit Khanna) and a sniper (Azaan), the 3 of whom Tiger trusts with his life.

Why do insurance agents mis-sell insurance products? Is it not to earn commissions and make quick profits? Why do you become a victim of mis-selling? Isn't it because you are not financially educated? Always do your own research and seek financial advice from those you trust.

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3. Always have a financial goal and a method to reach it



In the movie Tiger Zinda Hai, Tiger had a goal and a mission. He had to rescue the nurses held hostage in the hospital in Ikrit, before the Americans launched airstrikes. Tiger has a goal and a time frame to achieve it. Does this not remind you of financial goals?

Always set  financial goals and a time frame to achieve them. Are you investing for your daughters marriage say 10 years from now, or for your son's higher education? You might require Rs 15-20 Lakhs for your daughter's wedding or Rs 10-15 Lakhs for your son's education. Do you have a plan to achieve financial goals?

If you have not watched Tiger Zinda Hai, go to the nearest theatre and grab a seat if you can. As you munch your burger and grip your seat as the action unfolds, don't forget the financial lessons you learn from this movie. Be Wise, Get Rich.

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