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Fund Manager Research Team | Updated On Monday, November 17,2014, 03:26 PM

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Fund Manager



What does Fund Manager Mean?

The person(s) responsible for implementing a fund's investing line of attack and managing its portfolio trading activities. A fund can be managed by one person or by two people as co-managers and by a squad of three or more people. Fund managers are compensated a fee for their work, which is a percentage of the fund's average assets under management. Fund manager also called as an "investment manager".

Fund Manager

The individuals concerned in fund management (mutual, pension, trust funds or hedge funds) must have a high level of educational and professional credentials and suitable investment managerial experience to qualify for this position. Investors should look for long-term, consistent fund performance with a fund manager whose possession with the fund matches its performance time period.

The intact point of investing in a fund is to leave the investment management function to the professionals. As a result, the quality of the fund manager is one of the most important factors to be considered when analyzing the investment quality of any particular fund.

Should You Follow Your Fund Manager?

The average fund manager utmost lasts around 4.5 years at his or her fund according to few investment-research firms. This high revenue rate means there is a good chance one day your current fund manager will no longer be guiding your investments, leaving you to look the question: should I stay still for a longer period or should I just go out?


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5.0 / 5 based on 1 User Reviews
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