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Health Insurance for Fracture Research Team | Posted On Wednesday, July 17,2019, 05:48 PM

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Health Insurance for Fracture



Surveys reveal an increase in the number of road accidents due to potholes, unregulated traffic and bad roads. Most often daily commuters are severely injured or suffer fractures in road accidents.

Though hairline fractures are quite common these days, compound fractures could derail finances or even lead to a partial disability. To protect yourself from fractures, avail a good health insurance plan for medical emergencies.

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Health Insurance for Fracture

What is a Fracture?

A fracture is a crack in the bone or the complete breaking of the bone. Fractures are of various types like hairline fracture, compound fracture, open fracture or closed fracture.

Generally, a fracture can be defined as a break in the continuity of the bone. A fracture may be due to an accident or heavy impact on the bones. However, some fractures result from medical conditions like osteoporosis, cancer and osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).

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Facts on a Bone Fracture:

  • Most bone fractures result from accidents or heavy impact on a body part.
  • Bone fractures may be due to certain diseases or low calcium in bones.
  • A compound fracture is when a single bone has more than one fracture.
  • There are several types of bone fractures and each of them requires, separate diagnosis and care.
  • Bone healing takes place naturally; the treatment only ensures the bone gets proper care and necessary conditions for a quick heal.

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Diagnosis of Fracture:

The most common form of fracture experienced, is a hairline fracture. A hairline fracture does not require too much medical attention like hospitalization or extensive medication. The fractured part is generally plastered after an x-ray and doctors recommend complete rest. If you have a health insurance plan, then this procedure comes under the day care treatment. You can claim medical expenses if your health insurance plan offers cover for day care procedures.

In cases of a major car or bike accident resulting in a compound or open fracture, the cost of medication, surgery and hospitalization is huge. The fracture treatment aims to nurse the fractured part and help regain strength. 

Good health insurance plan helps get treatment under the best nursing homes and network hospitals. Fractures in certain areas like legs or backbone may severely impact your life, as it may lead to loss of strength in such areas. These fractures not only require treatment, but also physiotherapy and exercise sessions for a complete cure.

These expenses can be covered under the post-hospitalization cover offered by your health insurance plan. The cost of treatment and hospitalization is covered by your health insurance plan.

Fractures also involve various other expenditure like (MRI or X-Ray scan), doctor’s consultation fees, Medication and surgery if required. Small fractures can be healed by plastering body parts whereas major fractures require procedures like fixing of metal plates, fixing of bones through screws and nails, metal wires or through plastic functional braces. So, health insurance is necessary to safeguard your finances in times of a medical emergency.

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How Health Insurance Can Help in the Diagnosis of Fracture?

A good health insurance plan comes to your rescue in a fracture. It helps the policyholder enjoy best medical care at network hospitals and provides insurance cover for the treatment received. The insured can also settle the medical bills using the cashless facility.

A compound fracture is a medical emergency and is covered by all health insurance plans. However, for day care procedures, you need to have day care cover under your health insurance policy to claim the medical expenses.

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The major fractures and treatment are also covered by health insurance on a hospitalization. If significant treatment and care is required, then it’s covered under post-hospitalization cover of health insurance plans. However, some fractures result from other health problems like cancer or osteoporosis. In this case, you must contact your insurer and get details on the coverage of your health insurance and check what medical conditions are covered.

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