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Health Insurance for Hypertension Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, July 23,2019, 05:44 PM

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Health Insurance for Hypertension



Hypertension is one of the major health problems faced by today’s generation. Most of the people suffer from primary hypertension due to family or professional stress. Secondary hypertension is more common in older people. If not managed well, hypertension can lead to bigger complications like heart or kidney diseases.

Investing in health insurance ensures you receive proper and adequate treatment at best network hospitals, in case of hospitalizations due to high blood pressure.  

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Health Insurance for Hypertension

Facts About Hypertension:

  • High blood pressure is the main factor behind strokes, heart attack, kidney failure and heart diseases.
  • High blood pressure rarely shows symptoms. The only way for a person to know about his/her blood pressure is to check it regularly.
  • People must take medication to control high blood pressure and bring it down to the recommended levels.
  • The risk of high blood pressure is generally high between 40 to 70 years. The frequent rise in blood pressure increases the risk of heart diseases.

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Types of Hypertension:

Hypertension can be categorized into two main categories:

Primary Hypertension: Primary hypertension is not caused due to an existing medical condition or disease. In this type of hypertension, your body plasma volume and hormonal activities are mainly responsible for regulating the blood volume. Consequently, the blood pressure gets affected. Primary hypertension can be the direct result of stress or lack of physical activity.

Secondary Hypertension: If high blood pressure is the result of other medical conditions, then it is secondary hypertension. Secondary hypertension can be the result of diseases like thyroid, diabetes and so on.

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How Hypertension Can Affect Your Health?

  • Hypertension has major effects on body functions. It leads to weakening of the walls of the blood vessels resulting in loss of elasticity. Consequently, the blood vessels are unable to bear the constant pressure leading to blood vessel rupture. This can be fatal if not treated in time.
  • Hypertension is one of the main reasons behind brain hemorrhage. The weakened blood vessels in the brain lead to dementia and can increase the risk of a stroke. High blood pressure causes blood vessels to become loose, which eventually causes a rupture leading to a brain hemorrhage.
  •  Fluctuation in blood pressure is mainly responsible for damaging the micro blood vessels of your kidneys. This affects the normal kidney functioning resulting in abnormalities like improper regulation of body fluids like hormones, excessive salt in your body and eventually kidney failure.
  • Hypertension may occur during pregnancy and it increases the chances of low weight of the child at birth and reduced growth of the baby.

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Why Health Insurance is Necessary for Hypertension Patients?

  • The cost of medical facilities and treatment in private hospitals is on the rise. This can be mainly attributed to inflation. You need health insurance to bear high medical expenses. Diseases resulting from hypertension vary in severity and complexity and can sometimes be fatal. Health insurance helps take care of hospitalization costs along with other charges like ambulance, daycare procedures and OPD.
  • Health insurance will help you avail the best medical treatment at network hospitals without derailing your finances. More and more people depend on private hospitals to avail specialized medical facilities and professional services.
  • Health insurance takes care of your medical expenses in emergencies. It helps your family stay financially equipped. People with hypertension must avail health insurance to stay prepped for any medical emergencies.
  • Individuals who have a family history of high blood pressure must avail health insurance early. The right time to buy health insurance is right now. Invest in health insurance immediately and get regular check-ups done to avoid complications. Also, buying health insurance early in life helps enjoy insurance benefits at low premium.
  • Waiting Period: There is a certain waiting period for hypertension which generally ranges from 2 to 4 years. Avail health insurance at a young age to pass off the waiting period in good health.

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