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Do Not Have Health Insurance Plan: Read This Book Research Team | Posted On Saturday, August 18,2018, 04:51 PM

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Do Not Have Health Insurance Plan: Read This Book




There’s a famous saying  by Jan Schakowsky, “Without health insurance, getting sick or injured could mean going bankrupt, going without needed care, or even dying needlessly.”

Hospitalization is very expensive. An emergency hospitalization can drain finances, leaving you with no money for daily needs and financial goals. You will be forced to go with a begging bowl to family and friends.

A health insurance plan makes sure you have the money to meet any medical emergency. has come out with a Health Insurance Handbook which is a must read.

“Health Is Wealth But You Don’t Have To Lose Your Wealth To Get Back Your Health.”

In this health insurance handbook you will learn, Why you need a health insurance plan, Reasons to avail a health insurance plan, How a health insurance plan saves tax and much more.

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Health Insurance Handbook

This is what the health insurance handbook has to say on health. You can’t enjoy wealth if you are not in good health. Health is worth more than all the riches in the world. Moreover, the greatest gift you can give your family and loved ones is a healthy you.

While you try your best to keep illness at bay, it is impossible to bid a total goodbye. Illness and accidents are uninvited guests and God forbid, if tomorrow you or a family member suffers a major illness, you will have to spend a lot of money. This is why you need a health insurance plan and your family needs a family floater health insurance plan.

This book is divided into three major parts:

  1. Why should you buy a health insurance plan?
  2. How to choose a right health insurance plan?
  3. How to make utmost use of your health insurance plan?


This health insurance handbook is a must read, if you want to protect yourself and family from the expenses of an emergency hospitalization.


1. When to buy health insurance?


The Health Insurance Handbook tells you when to buy health insurance. It advises you to buy health insurance when you are young and healthy. This health insurance handbook advises you to buy a health insurance plan at the age of 30.

The earlier in life you buy the health insurance plan, the better. Chances are the health insurance plan may get rejected in old age. Always look to avail a health insurance plan at the best price.


2. Why buy a health insurance plan?


Lifestyle diseases are rampant today. Who doesn’t suffer from diabetes, heart ailments and obesity these days? A sedentary lifestyle because of hectic work schedules and a fast life, is taking its toll.  Imagine if the doctor’s diagnosis says, “You have a dreaded lifestyle disease.”

Your life will change in an instant. What if you don’t have a health insurance plan? How will you pay the hospital bills?

Well, you can always say there is the employer’s group health insurance plan. But, what if you change your job? You will lose the employer’s group health insurance cover. The rules are very simple. You cannot afford not to be covered by a health insurance plan, even for a day. The costs are just too high. This is why you need a health insurance plan. There’s another reason you need health insurance. Increasing healthcare costs mean, a group insurance plan is just not enough.


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Why you need a health insurance plan?

  • Your employer cover is just not sufficient.
  • You could suffer from a lifestyle disease.
  • It helps with financial planning. There’s always money for a medical emergency.


3. Health insurance is more than just health insurance?


Most people ignore health insurance with terrible consequences. Just 20% women and 23% men are covered by health insurance in India. More than 75% of citizens pay for hospitalization, out of pocket. With cost of hospitalization soaring and a medical emergency never far away, many citizens are just a step away from bankruptcy. This makes health insurance, more than just health insurance.

The health insurance handbook not only tells you, How to choose the right health insurance plan, but also which health insurance plan suits your needs.

But, is availing just any health insurance plan enough? The health insurance handbook doesn’t think so. You don’t want to lie on the hospital bed and get a nasty shock, when medical bills are presented. Many health insurance plans have exclusions and if you ignore them, availing health insurance is of no use. The health insurance handbook gives you more than just an idea on the exclusions in health insurance policies like pre-existing diseases, surgeries, alternative treatment and so on.

Many citizens in India have no idea on riders in health insurance policies. The health insurance handbook aims to change all this. With riders you get more out of a health insurance plan.


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4. Critical illness can kill your finances


A critical illness like cancer or a stroke can bleed you dry. You can barely manage expenses. How will you pay for hospitalization and treatment of a critical illness like cancer?

The health insurance handbook can save you from a critical illness. The health insurance handbook guides you on critical health insurance plans. These are plans which pay a lump sum on the diagnosis of a specified critical illness like paralysis, kidney failure and so on. You won’t lose your life’s savings if you read the health insurance handbook.


5. Why read the health insurance handbook?


With the health insurance handbook you get an idea on:


  • Types of health insurance plans.
  • The right health insurance plan which suits your needs.
  • How much health insurance you require: This simply means why pay more for a health insurance plan.
  • FAQs on health insurance and much more.


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