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How To Decide Which Floor to Buy Your Flat? Research Team | Posted On Monday, January 13,2020, 10:54 AM

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How To Decide Which Floor to Buy Your Flat?



Skyscrapers are a common sight in the streets of India. Gone are the days where high rise buildings were found in metropolitan cities alone. Today, high rise buildings are found in every city, irrespective of their size.

So, how to decide which floor to buy your flat, if you are looking forward to buying one? Here are a few tips to consider.

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How To Decide Which Floor to Buy Your Flat?

1. Fire Safety: When you take a flat in the higher floors of an apartment, fire safety can be an issue. Make sure the apartment has an occupancy certificate (OC). OC ensures that the apartment has been built in compliance with the local laws. It is given by the municipal corporation to the builder after meeting the requirements.

Each buyer has the right to ask for an OC copy. Having an occupancy certificate for your apartment ensures that it has met all the fire and safety requirements. On the other hand, a builder can obtain the OC from the fire department, after meeting all the criteria. Also ensure that fire safety measures like exit doors and fire extinguishers are installed on every floor, especially higher ones.

2. Lifts and Staircases: Climbing stairs are a healthy habit. But if you have elders and children in the family, climbing 9 floors each day is not a soothing experience. If you are buying a flat on the higher floors, make sure the apartment has lifted. Two or more lifts are necessary for the healthy functioning of an apartment. If one lift breaks down, there should be an alternative.

Lifts alone will not serve the purpose. In case of emergencies, lifts may not function. In such cases staircases are necessary. Make sure easily accessible staircases are present nearby.

3. Security and Privacy Concerns: Home is a private space. It is a place we all look forward to getting back and enjoy some peace of mind. Lower floors of an apartment are less likely to have enough security. They are easily accessible. If you are keen on living on lower floors for other reasons, make sure security measurements like grills, CCTV cameras are installed.

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If your apartment is situated in a city, lower floors have lesser privacy. The top floors can be quiet and peaceful.

  1. Floor Deviations: Floor deviations mostly occur on the topmost floors. So if you are planning to acquire a flat there, ensure there are no illegal deviations beyond your floor. This can lead to infrastructure issues. Also in earthquake-prone areas, floor deviations can be very risky.
  2. Viewpoint: When you are buying a flat in a building facing the beach or a scenic area, viewpoint plays a significant role. This would be the highlight of that particular apartment. You would want to have a flat facing it. Higher floors will give a better view. But as the floor height increases, so does the price. Keeping in your mind what is affordable, purchase a flat at your convenience.
  3. Mobile Network: High rise buildings in cities like Mumbai and Delhi can have 30-40 floors. Considering the above-mentioned points, buyers often opt for top floor flats. As the floor height increases, make sure you have an adequate mobile network. When everything around you is digitalized, the mobile network is a necessity that cannot be ignored.
  4. Light and Ventilation: Along with having a better view, top floors will also have better light and ventilation. Top floors always have the added advantage of being away from the noise and pollution of the cities. Pests and insects will also be much lesser on the top floors.
  5. Power Consumption: Summers are difficult to deal with. As the floor height increases, temperature extremities are on the rise. Lower the floor, cooler is the temperature. This means power consumption also reduces. In areas with harsh summers, this has to take care of.
  6. Rental Returns: At times, you will be buying an apartment for investment purposes. This means you will be renting out your flat. In such cases, make sure you acquire a flat that will get you maximum returns. In cities with harsh summers, buy flats on the lower floors, whereas in cities with harsh winters, buy the flats on the top floors.
  7. Service-Related Factors: Make sure the apartment is well equipped with services like CCTV cameras, security men, spacious corridor, terrace, compound and so on.

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Besides these above-mentioned factors, there are many other things to be taken care of. The credibility of the builders and their past projects must be examined. The presence or availability of local infrastructure like hospitals and schools at a short distance should be ensured. Make sure the place is well connected with schools, markets, hospitals all nearby.

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