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How To File ATM Fraud Complaint Review By IndianMoney Research Team | Posted On Friday, November 23,2018, 06:16 PM

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How To File ATM Fraud Complaint Review By IndianMoney



India is experiencing a huge rise in ATM frauds. As the number of people using ATMs increase, ATM frauds are also going up. If you read newspapers, you get to see at least one ATM fraud a day. ATM frauds take place mainly due to lack of awareness and outdated ATMs. According to a government report, a quarter of ATMs are run by the public sector banks which are vulnerable to frauds as 74% of the cash dispensers are running on outdated software. As the number of ATM fraud complaints increase, SBI has halved the daily ATM withdrawal limits from Rs 40,000 to Rs 20,000 to keep customers from being cheated by such frauds.

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How To File ATM Fraud Complaint: Review By Indianmoney

ATM fraud complaints

The Banking Ombudsman had received close to 25,000 ATM fraud complaints between July 2017 and June 2018. Some of the common tricks used by fraudsters to conduct ATM frauds are card skimming, card trapping, ATM malware, card cloning, keypad jamming and so on.

Many people who are victims of ATM fraud may not be aware on how to get their money back. In this article, Indianmoney explains how you can get your money back if you are hit by ATM frauds.

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How To File ATM Fraud Complaint?

You must follow the steps mentioned below if you are a victim of ATM fraud.

1. Get your card blocked

If you are a victim of ATM fraud, the first thing you have to do is block your card. If someone has carried out a fraudulent transaction using your credit or debit card, you will get a message from the bank. In case you receive such a message, get your card blocked immediately as there is no other option to avoid such fraud.

You can get your card blocked by calling the customer care of the bank. You can find the customer care number of the bank on the back of the card or on the official website of the bank.

2. Reduce your liability

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in its annual report 2017-2018, has mentioned who will bear financial liability in case of unauthorized banking transactions.

As per the rules, banks have to collect mobile numbers of customers, so that customers receive messages after each transaction. It is also the responsibility of bank customers to alert the bank immediately on any unauthorized banking transactions.

a) Zero liability

In case you are a victim of financial fraud, you are entitled to zero liability in case fraudulent transactions occur in the following events:

  • If the mistake is on the part of the bank which has led to the fraud, then the bank is liable to bear the loss. As a customer, your liability will be Zero.
  • If the fraud takes place due to a fault in the system and not because of the bank's or your fault, as a customer, your liability is zero. You must report this to the bank within 3 working days of receiving the SMS, regarding the fraudulent transaction.

If you inform the bank regarding the fraudulent transaction between 4-7 working days, then your maximum liability ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000, depending on account type. If you are a victim of ATM fraud, you must report it to the bank as fast as possible.

b) Limited Liability of a Customer

If the fraud has taken place due to your fault, then the entire loss has to be borne by you, until you report the fraud to the bank. If any fraud has taken place after you report it to the bank, then the bank is liable to bear the loss.

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2. File an FIR

If you are a victim of ATM fraud, you need to report it to the nearest police station and lodge a First Information Report (FIR). If you file an FIR, it will serve as an official record of the incident.

As per rules, the amount lost in ATM fraud will be credited to the customer's bank account, within 10 working days from the date of notification by the customer to the bank.

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