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How To Handle Customer Complaints A Review By IndianMoney Research Team | Posted On Monday, November 26,2018, 05:23 PM

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How To Handle Customer Complaints A Review By IndianMoney



Complaints against brands are very common and happen each day. Complaints are usually posted by customers who are not happy with the products or services offered by the company. Even though companies try hard to reduce consumer complaints and keep customers happy, sometimes things are out of their control.

Customers are the stakeholders of a business, so it’s very important to keep them happy. If a company has a lot of unhappy customers, it has a negative effect on the business. If a customer is unhappy with the services or the products, they will not keep quiet and propagate this to the whole World. If a business keeps customers happy, this is free marketing for them.

So when a company receives a customer complaint, they should consider it as constructive feedback and handle it with the right attitude. Unfortunately, many businesses think handling customer complaints is a frustrating process and tend to ignore them. Doing so has a negative impact on the business. In this article, we will discuss what the types of customer complaints are and how to handle them effectively and grow the business.

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How To Handle Customer Complaints? A review by Indianmoney?

Types of customer complaints

1. Product-Specific complaints

These complaints are regarding the products sold by the business. A consumer might receive a product which is not in proper working condition. Businesses can resolve these complaints by fixing the product or replacing them with a new product.

2.  Wrong delivery

This happens in the case of online shopping. As many people shop online, chances of wrong product delivery increase. These complaints can be resolved by replacing the product delivered.

3. Misunderstanding

Customers may post complaints against Companies due to a misunderstanding. Companies can reduce such misunderstanding by hiring a knowledgeable customer care.

4. Service-related complaints

These are complaints against deficient quality of services by a Company. 

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How To Handle Customer Complaints?

Whenever companies receive consumer complaints, they should ask consumers to be part of the solution, and should not view them as part of the problem. We will now discuss how companies can handle consumer complaints effectively.

1. React to the complaint immediately

If companies receive complaints from customers, they must respond immediately. Complaints can be received via social media, mobile, email or through a complaints portal. If complaints can't be resolved immediately, customers must be kept informed that the issue is being looked into and will be resolved soon.

2. Be calm and handle the issue

In most cases, customers who post complaints would be angry and speak to customers care executives, rudely. The customers care executives must never lose their cool and listen patiently to the complainant. Yelling back at the customers will not help.

3. Collect the required details

Once the customer is done vis-a-vis concerns, the customer care executive should collect all the necessary details and understand what’s the issue. He must build a rapport with the customer.

4. Admit the mistake

If there is a mistake, the company must admit it and take necessary action to resolve the same.

5. Resolve the issue as soon as possible

After the requisite information is collected, the company must take the necessary steps to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If the complaint is resolved quickly, the customer will be happy and will come back again and again.

If you take a lot of time to resolve complaints, the customer will be frustrated and there are high chances of switching to competitors.

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6. Thank the customer

Once the issue is resolved, you should thank the customer for availing services and bringing the issue to your notice. This will make customers feel they are important.

To handle customer complaints effectively, the company must hire smart personnel who can speak to the customer in a polite and caring manner.

Have a complaint against any company? complaints portal can help you resolve the issue. Just visit and lodge your complaint.

If you want to post a review on any company you can post it on review and complaint portal

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