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How To Link Aadhaar and PAN Card? Research Team | Posted On Thursday, April 13,2017, 03:43 PM

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How To Link Aadhaar and PAN Card?



You are a citizen of India and have reason to feel proud. The reason...Aadhaar. This is the World's largest biometric ID system. More than a Billion citizens have enrolled under the Aadhaar. Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique-identity number, which has been issued to you and all resident citizens of our country. The Aadhaar captures your biometric data giving you a unique identity.

There's a new rule coming your way. You will have to link Aadhaar to PAN Card by March 31st 2019. What if you don't? Well, your PAN card will be invalid. Why did the Government do this? Many citizens have two or more PAN Cards, which helps them evade tax. The Government wants to put an end to this. The Government wants to weed out fake and duplicate PAN cards. Now, if your Aadhaar is linked to PAN Card, you can have only a single PAN Card.

The Government has made it mandatory to link PAN with Aadhaar to file income tax returns and to apply for a new PAN. The government has extended the deadline to link PAN and Aadhaar to March 31st 2019. If you have not linked your PAN to Aadhaar, its better you do it soon. If you do not link the two, your PAN will be invalid. 

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What is Aadhaar card?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number, issued by the UIDAI to every resident of India. The unique identification authority of India which functions under the planning commission of India is responsible for managing Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar card identification.

Aadhaar card is a biometric document that stores an individual’s personal details in a government database. The Aadhaar project was initiated towards having a single and unique identification document. It is fast becoming the government’s base for public welfare and citizen services. As the Aadhaar is based on the biometric details of an individual, it negates the possibility of misuse of the document and can be deemed as a comprehensive and secure identity proof.

How To Link Aadhaar and PAN Card?

What is Pan Card?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a 10-digit alpha numeric combination that is unique to each individual. This number enables the department to monitor financial transactions of the holder. It also helps the Income Tax department keep track of the taxes paid or evaded by an individual. The first ever PAN was issued in 1964. It is also issued to foreign nationals.

Aadhaar captures and stores your biometric data giving you a foolproof identity.  It is not possible for you to have duplicate Aadhaar cards.

  • To link your Aadhaar to the PAN, you must first register on the income tax e-filing portal.
  • After registering on the e-filing portal, you must log on to the e-filing portal of the income tax department. You have to enter the user ID which is your PAN, Password and Date of Birth.
  • A pop-up window will appear, which will ask you to link your PAN Card to the Aadhaar.
  • Your details such as name, date of birth and gender would already be mentioned as per details which you have submitted at the time of registration on the income tax e-filing portal.
  • You have to make sure that your name, date of birth and gender as displayed on the income tax website, matches with the details on your Aadhaar card.
  • If the details tally, you just type in the Aadhaar card number and click the "link now" button.
  • The system will match your name, date of birth and gender with PAN Card and Aadhaar database. If the details match you get the message   "Aadhaar – PAN linking has been completed successfully.”

How To Link Aadhaar and PAN Card?

The income tax department has facilitated an easy and convenient linking option, through the e-filing website. Now taxpayers can easily link their PAN with Aadhaar, through just a two step process. The facility can be used by any individual. However, it is important to note that while income tax returns can be filed without linking the PAN to Aadhaar, the tax department will not process the returns until the PAN and Aadhaar are linked. Taxpayers can visit the official e-filing website of the tax department to link the two. The deadline to link PAN with Aadhaar has now been extended to 31st March 2019.

Link Aadhaar and PAN Card online:

People can link their Aadhaar and PAN through the online e-filing website by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official income tax e-filing website.
  • Enter the PAN and the Aadhaar number in the form.
  • Enter your name as mentioned in Aadhaar.
  • Tick the square beside “I have only year of birth in Aadhaar card”.
  • Enter the security code mentioned in the image for verification.
  • Finally click on the “link Aadhaar” button.

A message will be displayed if your Aadhaar is successfully linked to PAN. Visually challenged users can request an OTP that will be reset instead of the security code.

Linking Aadhar and Pan Card with registration:

You can check if your Aadhaar is already linked to your PAN, by visiting the income tax e-filing website 

1. Login on to the e-filing website

2. Enter your PAN (User ID), password and date of birth.

3. Once your account opens, click on 'Profile Settings' tab

4. Select the last option 'Link Aadhaar'.

The screen will display a message showing your PAN is linked to your Aadhaar. In case the two are not linked, a form will appear on your screen, where you have to enter details like name, date of birth, gender as per PAN records. Submit the form after entering the security code. A message will be displayed showing the cards are linked successfully.

Linking Aadhar and Pan Card without registration:

If you do not want to register yourself on the e-filing website, then you must go through the second process of linking the PAN to Aadhaar.

1. Click on 'Link Aadhaar' on the e-filing website.

 2. Enter the required details like PAN, Aadhaar number, Name as per Aadhaar. 

3. Click on the square box beside the option “I have only year of birth on Aadhaar card”.

4. Enter the security code and submit the form.

 A message will be displayed showing the successful completion of the process.

Link Aadhaar and PAN Card via SMS:

If you are unable to link your PAN and Aadhaar using the e-filing website of the tax department, then there are other ways of linking PAN and Aadhaar. You can link both the documents by sending a simple text message through your mobile number.

In order to link your Aadhaar to PAN through SMS, follow these steps:

  • You have to type a message in the format
  • UIDPAN<12 Digit Aadhaar> <10 Digit PAN>

  • Send the message to either 567678 or 56161 from your registered mobile number.
  • If your Aadhaar number is 946234690863 and your PAN is ABHJE1534F, you have to type UIDPAN 946234690863 ABHJE1534F and send the message to either 567678 or 56161.

Advantages of Linking Aadhaar and PAN Card:

Linking Aadhaar with PAN is made compulsory by the government, and your income tax returns would not be processed, if your Aadhaar is not linked with PAN. Linking PAN card with Aadhaar card is very simple and can be done by visiting the tax e-filing website. There is also an added advantage of linking the Aadhaar with PAN. Below discussed are some of these:

  • Linking PAN with Aadhaar will help detect the problem of multiple PAN cards issued in the same name.
  • The income tax returns will not be processed until your PAN and Aadhaar are linked.
  • The user gets summarized details of the taxes levied.
  • The government has made it mandatory to link PAN with Aadhaar. All PAN cards that are not linked with Aadhaar will be deactivated after 31st March 2019.

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What happens if the details in your PAN Card do not match details in Aadhaar?

Let's say the details on your PAN Card such as the spelling of your name, the date of your birth or your gender, do not match Aadhaar details. You must submit an application with valid proof and get the mistakes/details corrected. After you make the corrections, you apply to link Aadhaar with your PAN Card.

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You have learnt how to link Aadhaar to PAN. Just link Aadhaar with PAN by December 31st. You are now a proud citizen and you have done your duty, curbing tax evasion in the Nation. Say goodbye to black money and tax evasion.

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