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How To Register A Company? Research Team | Updated On Wednesday, November 14,2018, 03:12 PM

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How To Register A Company?




Registering a Company is quite easy. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has made sure, the process is quite simple. You can register your Company from any part of India without visiting any Government Office.

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How To Register A Company?


MCA has introduced the INC-29 Form, which has merged the processes of Getting Business Name Approval, Director's Identification Number and Incorporation Application, all in a single process.


Steps to Register a Company in India


STEP 1 : Choose a name for your Company


To register a Company in India, you need a unique Company name.  Keep 4 potential Company names ready, in case some of the names has already been registered with the RoC. (Register of Companies). Do your research before picking a name. Make sure any name you select, does not imply that it has any connection to a Government or an International Agency.


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STEP 2 : Check online to see if the Company Name is available


Before you file your application with the RoC, make sure your Company name is firmly in place, to avoid any hassles.


STEP 3 :  Apply Online with the MCA for the DIN


Before you register your Company, apply for the Director Identification Number called the DIN. DIN is a unique number which identifies the current or intended director of your Company.


STEP 4:  Apply for the digital signatures of all the Directors of your Company called the DSC


DSC is nothing but an e-signature. It will help you complete the registration of your new Company, Online. You can get the DSC after submitting the necessary documents within 2 days.


STEP 5:  Complete the e-Form 1A


The form 1A is for the naming of your Company. List a minimum of 4 possible names and a maximum of 6 names in your order of preference.


STEP 6: File the eForm 1A online and apply for the Company name


The RoC takes about 2 days to approve one of the names for your Company. You have 6 months within which you have to file for the registration of your Company, online.

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STEP 7: Draft the MoA and AoA


You will have to draft the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association.

MoA -  This contains the Companies business objectives.

AoA -  This contains details on the Company objectives and Management.


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STEP 8: Prepare the Form INC - 29


Form INC - 29 deals with a single application for the reservation of the Company name, allotment of DIN, and incorporation of a new Company. You have to submit supporting documents like details of Directors, MoA and AoA, Name approval, DIN and appointment letters and declaration.


STEP 9:  Get the Certificate of Incorporation


RoC will go through your Company application and documents you have submitted. If the documents are satisfactory, you get the Certificate of Incorporation. Be Wise, Get Rich.


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