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I Want To Be An Insurance Agent When I Grow Up Said No One Ever Research Team | Posted On Monday, May 09,2016, 02:43 PM

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I Want To Be An Insurance Agent When I Grow Up Said No One Ever



Remember a question your teachers asked you at school? What do you want to be when you grow up? Your answer was immediate. An Engineer, Doctor, Pilot…Maybe even a teacher. What about an insurance agent? Never heard of any school child saying he wants to grow up to be an insurance agent. Wonder why no one ever says, I’ll be a great insurance agent one day? What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think insurance agent? A Mis-seller…A person who uses you to make money for himself. But is this bad image of an insurance agent justified?

I don’t want to be an insurance agent. They have a very bad name

Insurance is never bought. It’s almost always sold. Guess who sells insurance products in India? It’s the humble insurance agent. Insurance agents earn commissions by selling insurance products. They also have targets to meet. Your belief…An insurance agent will do anything to earn commissions and meet his targets. Even Mis-sell….You read the newspapers; insurance agents arrested for fraud, IRDA warnings asking you to beware of unscrupulous agents. Are all insurance agents mis-selling, or is this a case of a few rotten apples spoiling the entire basket? Most of the insurance agents are honest and never mis-sell you, insurance products. If all insurance agents mis-sold insurance, how would the insurance industry survive?

There’s no growth in insurance

You must have read reports of a number of agents leaving the life insurance business. Your perception, There’s no growth in insurance.  This is a case of unmotivated citizens signing up to be life insurance agents and then quitting when the going gets tough. It’s commonly believed that an insurance agent is a door to door salesman. This is far from the truth. An Insurance agent, is more like a financial advisor. He helps you protect yourself from risk. He helps you provide for your family, even in your absence. He helps take care of your hospitalization bills, without having to spend a single rupee from your pocket. He helps you get money to repair your home, in case of a natural disaster. He Does God’s work. He’s A Part of Your Family.

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I don’t need an insurance agent. I’ll do my research and buy an insurance plan online

The internet is a treasury of knowledge. You can read up anything you want on insurance. You then get the insurance quotes online and purchase an online insurance plan. Why do you need the help of an insurance agent? You can read up on any disease and its treatment on the internet. Why then do you go to a doctor when you are sick? An insurance agent gives you more than just quotes. An insurance agent will look at your financial situation and determine in an instant, your insurance needs. You and your friend have a house of the same size in the same area; your family size is the same and both of you have the same car model. But here’s the catch…your insurance needs and your friend’s insurance needs are different. This is where the insurance agent can help you. He can tell you which is the right insurance plan you need. He can also save your money, by making sure you do not buy an insurance policy, you do not need. What if you have worked in the insurance industry a few years ago and think you know it all? You can still use the services of an insurance agent. New products and services are introduced by Insurers regularly. It is difficult for you to keep abreast of all the changes in the Insurance industry. A good insurance agent can help you get the best insurance product, at the right price.

An insurance agent can be very helpful

You face an issue with your insurance plan. You contact your insurance agent and he gets it resolved in no time. You have any doubts on the insurance plan? He clears them in no time. What would happen if you directly approached the insurer to resolve your issue? The Insurer could keep you waiting at the office, or move you from person to person, until your doubts are cleared. This would waste your precious time.

Think an insurance agent is useless? Think again. Insurance agents have value, which they carry with themselves. They are like soldiers who fight for the nation and put their life on the line, to avoid any future uncertainties for the citizens of our country. The receptiveness of the efforts of an insurance agent, needs to be recognized and welcomed. Please do not throw stones in his path. He is doing your work.


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