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Mr. C.S. Sudheer | Posted On Tuesday, June 24,2008, 07:51 AM

Indian Economy



How do you want to see India? This is a question, which makes us give different kinds of answers. But how many answers are implied? There is always a question mark????

My dear friends, India has got a bright reputation in the global outlook, but when we look in to the depth of the economy we find that there is lot of imbalance in between the people around us, which hinders the growth of the nation. India is known for its multi culture in the global scenario. Here the rich is becoming richer and the poor remains to be poorer. Isn’t it strange when we speak about India growing in its GDP, inflation and deflation in control, etc. but not analyzing why the poor is still being poorer.

Recently, when Mr. Richard William (father of the William Sisters) had come to India for the tennis tournament saw people sleeping on the streets, the hunger, and the needy said “it’s the poverty, which makes me, upset the most”. He says from what he hears there’s one upper echelon people and the rest of the people are poor. This is something that makes me think why can’t we get this statement staying in India? And change it. It’s just not difficult. We being Indians should equally participate in the growth of the economy let it be the rich or the poor. The rich always knows how he should contribute and participate for the growth of the economy. But the poor are not being well educated on there participation in the economic growth. Our Finance Minister had a statement saying that “Nearly 50% people of the country do not fully participate in the growth process due to lack of education, skills, jobs, capital or opportunity. They are poor not only in terms of income, poverty but also in terms of many human development indicators”.

This also indicates the educated and the rich to realize their responsibilities. When the rich is making money and wealth, they should simultaneously make sure the poor is also growing and coming out of poverty.

I’ve always seen interviews of celebrities just to know about them and their personal life that is absolutely unwanted. The media should entertain and provide the basic information that helps and motivates the general public in knowing and supporting the government to eradicate poverty and simultaneously help the poor to know their responsibilities.

Some of the countries, which have wiped out poverty, are Malaysia and Thailand. Some have become middle-income countries like South Korea while others like Sri lanka have achieved remarkable progress in literacy, life expectancy and other human development indicators.

No doubt India is really doing well in its economic development. But it can become a developed economy only when it has full-fledged system for human resource development and management.

I request the Union Government of India to allocate a major part of their portfolio for the development of the most valuable asset of he nation ‘The Manpower’ and if we do so, no doubt India can achieve a better progress. I even request my young friends including celebrities, sport stars, business people to contribute their best to take our nation to the top. I always believe in ‘patriotism with better vision’ instead of creating communal or regional violence without knowing the meaning of patriotism. As you all know, the meaningless activities of our own friends is affecting the growth of the nation a lot. Therefore, I kindly request every one to concentrate and work for the betterment of the nation as well as ourselves.

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