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Indian Education System

Mr. C.S. Sudheer | Posted On Friday, June 20,2008, 12:36 PM

Indian Education System



Education is important to all. Our Indian constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens irrespective of religion, caste, gender or habitation to participate effectively in the over all development of the country. India can succeed in its attempt to become the most powerful economy in the world only when it achieves ‘economic literacy’ of all citizens instead of just ‘literacy’.

I called it as Economic literacy, because all literate citizens of India are not working for the growth of India as they lack awareness of economics. My dear friends, most of our young friends are selling their talent to foreign companies and countries just because of attractive salary packages. It will lead to the dominance of foreign MNCs and of course foreigners on our soil.

Every child’s dream will be to become someone famous and recognized one day be it a doctor, engineer, managing director etc. The vision of any institution should be to inculcate knowledge and power to the younger generation so that it can shape the future of the children, which in turn shapes the future of the Nation. The mission of the education system should be the all round development of children instead of just domain specialization. But however in the present scenario the main mission has become to give degrees and diplomas without any basic knowledge. This loop hole can be corrected by making an up-gradation of professional education such that it can challenge the international standards. We try to literate and not educate to enable the new generation to cope up with the demands of globalization. The present mission in our education system is to give degrees and make money out of it ignoring the fact as to what knowledge is gained by the child.

The Education system and the Institutions has to concentrate on making our youths realizing the urgent need of taking India and its industries to the Global standard with Indian flavor. My dear friends, above all as I always mention ‘Patriotism has to be planted in the minds of every Indian with better Vision’.

Education system has to help youth to be self-reliant, self-confident to achieve the goals which are set to shape their future career as well as the mission of the nation. The present system is not yet fully catering the needs of the youth due to certain political and financial constraints. Nowadays, education has become a business where all businessmen make money. This makes education available for the rich but not to the middle class and the poor. Institutions which are affordable are not well equipped. Very few good ones are available for the poor.

Today’s youths do not prioritize on the value for Indian heritage culture. They are attracted to the western culture and follow it blindly without realizing whether it suits them or not. They are also attracted towards the global salary which is very high when compared to India. This is creating a brain drain and loss of talented manpower in our country.

To understand the importance of retaining the Indian talents, the system needs to have a major change that makes each and every student realize the value of their talent and also simultaneously self-development which indeed helps in facing the global competition.

There are plenty of talents found in India, especially in the rural area but the only drawback in them is that they can commute only their local language. We can just analyze the unexplored manpower talent found in our country which is not encouraged in showing their creativity and performance due to lack of motivation. This untapped segment of creative talented manpower can be recognized with good education system in the rural areas to make them strong enough to challenge the main stream.

I request all my young friends to take the initiative of helping each other to challenge the Global Competition. I even request the Government authorities to allocate maximum amount from the portfolio for the development of the Manpower.

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