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Does 1947 Financial Planning still Suits India?

Mr. C.S. Sudheer | Posted On Monday, June 28,2010, 07:14 PM

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Does 1947 Financial Planning still Suits India?



Does 1947 Financial Planning still Suits India?

A family of four requires a much advanced plan when it becomes 5 or 6, A company with 50 employees requires a much bigger plan when it expands to 100 and similarly, a country with 30 crore population requires a much more sophisticated plan when it grows to 120 crore. But unfortunately, people ruling this country and forming the strategies for the development of India have literally failed to understand that India too requires a bigger, advanced and innovative plan.

Dear fellow Indians, do you think India is moving towards a planned destination. People governing this country are talking about GDP growth, but whose GDP growth it is? Is it the GDP growth of all or the top 3-5% of Indians?

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We have created so much of gap between the haves and have-nots, which would require another 100 year to clear this Gap if this country moves in the same speed and in the same direction.

I would like to illustrate few facts which would certainly open your eyes to think beyond what our great media channels are making you to think.

  • Our population was around 30 crore when we received freedom from British, where as today we are around 120 crore.
  • When Dr. Ambedkar framed the constitution, India’s literacy rate was hardly 20%, whereas today India’s literacy rate is more than 65%.
  • During that time Jobs means it was only Govt. and Public sector jobs but today private sector companies are offering more than 1 million new jobs every year.
  • Politics was to serve the society during the time of freedom fight and even after that for few years, but today politics in India has become a means for our corrupt people to earn illegitimate wealth, name and fame.
  • Then the storm of one class of people or one part of the nation used be a national problem but today we are living in a society where, people have money,
  • To Adopt street dogs but not for street kids
  • To conduct dog shows but not for health camps
  • To buy a cricket team but not to own a school and provide free education to poor
  • To run a liquor distillery but not to set up a food processing unit
  • To produce high budget movies but not to set up a factory which could employ thousands and increase the internal production
  • To fill the locker space of foreign banks but not to fuel the domestic economic activities
  • To gamble in the stock market, horse racing, etc but not to feed the hunger of needy
  • To keep up the life value of wild animals by setting up of big trusts and associations but not to protect our own people from hunger, deceases, crime, etc
  • To produce nuclear bombs but not to produce food grains
  • To build IT parks and huge flyovers to cater the needs of 5-10% of people but not to give the basic shelter to the rest

Above mentioned facts may not be acceptable to many as we are also the part of this system but these are facts about our surroundings and the society. Then the only question which you may all have is – What is the solution to all these things?

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Today, people say you must vote, but whom to vote when all the candidates appearing in the election are corrupt. Can I and you contest election and win? We can only when we have money to spend. When we spend money we have to earn it back as well. To earn money we have to choose the illegitimate ways. That is corruption.

India’s most powerful resource is “Manpower” which is highly perishable in nature and requires much advanced plan to utilize effectively before it gets lost. But today India’s public planning has been successful in exploring the potential of only 20-30% people and that is the major reason of India’s slow development.

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