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Is Opening a Basic Services Demat Account a Good Idea? Research Team | Posted On Saturday, January 04,2014, 03:11 PM

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Is Opening a Basic Services Demat Account a Good Idea?



Most of the retail investors in India blindly jump into the stock markets without weighing the pros and cons of doing so. While investing in the stock markets is per se not bad blindly buying and selling of stocks without proper research or a sound understanding of them or the markets is akin to gambling. Many of the retail investors in India buy and sell shares on impulse and badly burn their fingers. Some brave individuals are known to indulge in futures trading where they lose their lifetime savings in a matter of weeks. They come to the conclusion that stock markets are the greatest evil on earth , which they are if investing is not done in a proper manner. Fear and panic selling lead to huge losses and can wipe away ones portfolio. Along with sound knowledge and research of the market a calm demeanour as well as nerves of steel is a must while investing in the stock market. For those who do not possess these attributes investing in a systematic investment plan of a mutual fund or even purchasing defensive shares such as pharma stocks which are known to hold their own even in a volatile market is a must. Above all this staying invested in the equity markets for the long term preferably a three year time horizon is a must.

Besides all this excitement and loss of money there is a small expense which is neglected by retail investors in the stock markets. A popular saying a small hole can sink a large ship is conveniently neglected in all this excitement. One conveniently forgets the maintenance costs of the demat account. If ones investments in the stock market are a few thousands is it worthwhile paying an annual maintenance charge of INR 350-500 which could go as high as INR 700 on the demat account. For many retail investors in India the annual maintenance costs on the demat account can be as high as 2-3% of the invested amount. Is this expense ignorable?

What is a Basic Services Demat Account Commonly Called a No Frills Demat Account -Demat Account Information?

If one is a retail investor with a small holding in the stock market he lands up paying a huge amount for the annual maintenance of the demat account for services he may not use but has to pay for anyway. This might not be in ones best interests. In order to protect the interest of retail investors with small holdings the market regulator SEBI has asked all the depository participants to provide basic services demat account to encourage investments in the stock market. A basic demat account provides one limited number of services at a reduced cost whereby he doesn’t have to pay for services he might not need and use. If one has holdings up to INR 50000 then he need not pay any annual maintenance charges .This is in sharp contrast to a non basic demat account which charges INR 350 – INR 600 by the depository participant mainly banks and brokerages as an annual maintenance charge irrespective of the size of the holding. This charge is constant irrespective of whether ones investment is a couple of thousands or several thousands. A zero charge on annual maintenance in a basic services demat account for an amount up to INR 50000 is a huge bonus if one is a retail investor with a small holding in the stock market. If one has a holding in the stock markets between INR 50001 to INR 200000 a fee of INR 100 is charged as asset management charges or AMC charges. One can hold mutual funds and other securities besides stocks in these accounts. These accounts were introduced on October 1st 2012.The depository participants determine the value of the holding or the securities in the portfolio based on the net asset value in case of a mutual fund or the daily closing price of the security .In case of breach of the slab mainly value of the holdings exceed INR 2 Lakhs the depository participant charges one at the same rate as a non basic services demat account.

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Who is Eligible to Open a Basic Services Demat Account?

  • One can open a basic services demat account only as an individual retail investor.
  • If one is a new or a first time investor in the stock market and is yet to open a demat account then he can open a basic services demat account.
  • If one is an existing eligible individual and already holds a demat account with a depository participant this demat account can be converted into a basic services demat account on the date of the next billing cycle based on the value of the securities held in ones portfolio on the last day of the previous billing cycle by submitting a request to the depository participant. If the value in ones portfolio basically a combination of all securities such as stocks and mutual funds is less than INR 2 Lakhs he/she is eligible to convert the demat account into a basic services demat account and avail of the lesser annual maintenance charge this service offers.
  • If one already has a demat account or plans to open another demat account where he is the sole first holder then he can open a basic services demat account provided the value of the holdings or the securities held does not exceed INR 2 Lakhs at any point of time.
  • Only a single basic services demat account can be opened across all depository participants.
  • If one avails electronic statements for his transactions no amount needs to be paid. These can be obtained absolutely free of charge.
  • If one opts for physical statements two statements are provided free of cost in the billing cycle. Any additional statements are charged a rate up to a maximum amount of INR 25 per statement.
  • Transaction statements need to be sent in every quarter only if one transacts on this account during that time period and there is a balance in the account.
  • The annual statements of the account need to be sent even if one does not transact in the time period. This basically means that even if there are no transactions one obtains an annual statement of his account.
  • One must register his mobile number so that he can obtain SMS alerts of his transactions.

What Happens if the Value of Securities in Ones Basic Services Demat Account Breaches the Set Limits?

If one starts his investments in the stock markets with an investment of INR 20000 then no annual maintenance fee is charged. If during the course of ones investments the value of his holdings breach the limit of INR 50000 he is charged as annual maintenance fee of INR 100.If in the subsequent years one continues to invest and the value of his holding crosses INR 2 Lakhs then he no longer avails the lower annual maintenance charge and is billed at the rate of a non basic services demat account.

What happens if One Opens More Than a Single Basic Services Demat Account with Different Depository Participants -Demat Accounts in India?

One is allowed to open only a single basic services demat account with a depository participant. Many a time investors attempt to open more than one basic services demat account with different depository participants within the set INR 2 Lakh limit in order to profit from lower annual maintenance charges .If found out one would have to pay the full annual maintenance charge in line with the non basic services demat account. Besides one has to furnish the PAN card details when one opens the account which makes it very difficult to open more than a single basic services demat account.

I would like to end this article stating that the basic services demat account has the potential to be a game changer with new investors being lured into the stock markets. A popular saying comes to mind “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” which basically means when offered a gift don’t question it. A large number of retail investors in India come within the purview of the basic services demat account where the value of the holdings or securities needs to be within a couple of lakhs in order to benefit from low annual maintenance charges and unnecessarily pay a higher fee. If one is still paying a high annual maintenance fees even though he is eligible for a basic services demat account then it is in his best interest to take up this account and profit from the lower charges.

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