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Mr/Ms Foreign Return Research Team | Posted On Friday, August 20,2010, 04:46 PM

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Mr/Ms Foreign Return



Mr/Ms Foreign Return

Once upon a time you were a part of this land, this culture, and these people. You reaped all that you could from this land for two and a half odd decades and joined the BRAIN DRAIN league. Have you ever thought of giving back what you took away from the society to be where you are today?

Many people returning from other countries to his/her home country get a sudden status quo. Parents are elated about the sudden respect they gain in the society. Have you ever thought, why so? It is only because of the money and the richness one brings alongwith oneself while returning back to his home country.

Most of the people who come back from foreign nation feel that India is backward. All we do is to create a hue and cry about it; but, do we actually take any step towards betterment of the systems in our own country. 

The answer is a BIG “NO”

It has to get deep stuck in our minds that things will not change only by complaining, cribbing or being aware of the problems. We have to be the change agents for the change we want to see. 

In most cases of foreign returns, the bank balance is huge. One question that needs to be answered at this point is that, “why this money is rarely used for the betterment of our economy?”. We know that India is basically an agrarian country and there still exist many villages in our country which lack the basic amenities. 

Do you know there are many villages which don’t have electricity even now? How about establishing a Wind Energy Generation Plant? Do you know a majority of our population cannot pursue higher education due to financial constraints? Have you thought about setting-up a training institute? Do you know our farmers still lack the necessary know-how of farming? How about establishing an agro research laboratory? 

Still in many villages in India, women have to walk miles altogether to get water. Do you know establishing a small scale industry could create a lot of employment opportunity? Have you ever considered investment in rural development? Have you ever considered adopting a village.....???

One can consider entrepreneurial ventures to make effective use of resources he has brought back to India. Here, resources comprises of not only the money. It also involves the know-how, technology, etc.

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One can also consider becoming an Angel Investor. An angel investor is a private wealthy individual who has no association with a venture capital firm, investment fund, etc. The "angel" invests his/her private money into what he/she believes to be promising opportunities, i.e., normally start-up companies. Sometimes two or more "angels" will jointly invest into opportunities to spread the risk. It is advisable to always study the feasibility of the business plan before financing it.

There are very rare instances that people return to their home country and do something for the betterment of the society. Ramesh Ramanathan (Founder of Janagraha an NGO in Bangalore), is one such person who forms a part of this league. Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan followed his heart from New York to his home country leaving a successful career heading a $100million business in Citibank and later in London as MD and European Head of Corporate Derivatives to start an NGO called Janagraha. Janagraha is an NGO striving for citizens’ involvement in democracy and democratic processes. One of their successful endeavours includes the JAGO-RE campaign.

Lack of employment opportunities is what drove you to move outside the country.......... Now why not create opportunities for the present and upcoming generation so that we can overcome the intellectual loss we are incurring in the form of BRAIN DRAIN. It is high time we think about making our country the place of opportunities. It is possible only when the “haves” start thinking about the “have-nots.”

You would have planned to buy yourself a big car, branded watch, designer suits. Buy the best of things for your family members. But what about your extended family, other Indians?????? It is high time you realise your responsibility as an Indian whose contribution would play a pivotal role in building the DREAM INDIA.

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