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Know the Difference Between Hallmark And KDM Gold Research Team | Posted On Wednesday, February 20,2019, 05:53 PM

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Know the Difference Between Hallmark And KDM Gold



What is hallmark gold? Hallmark gold is a term which refers to the certified quality of gold. BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards, affiliates hallmark on gold jewelry. Hallmark means gold of high quality. This assures you and other buyers/sellers of gold are not cheated in transactions.

What is BIS? Bureau of Indian standards evaluates gold substances to check if purity matches International Standards. Gold is checked at any of the 330 assaying centers across India.

All gold objects purchased from BIS certified retailers are hallmarked. You get hallmarked gold in purities of 958 (23 carat), 916(22 carat), 875(21 carat) and 750(18 carat). Be careful when purchasing gold from the local shop and check for BIS hallmark.

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Know the Difference Between Hallmark And KDM Gold

Hallmarked gold: an assurance of purity

Hallmark guarantees the quality of gold and silver in India. BIS Hallmark certifies that your gold jewelry meets International levels of purity.

The marking is done either by using punches or laser marking machines. It is gold which is certified at an assaying center and licensed by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard).

The gold hallmark seal consists of the 4 elements:

  1. BIS logo
  2. Retailers Logo
  3. Purity in karat and fineness
  4. Assaying centers logo.

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What is KDM Gold?

KDM means gold mixed with cadmium. This could be mixed in the ratio of 92% and 8%. Cadmium-soldered jewelry is widely known as KDM jewelry. KDM gold is not popular as it has health hazards for artisans working on it. It had serious health hazards for wearers of gold jewelry.

Cadmium has been replaced with Zinc and other metals. The term ‘KDM’ still sticks and KDM jewelry has the same purity even when melted. This is because the solder has a purity of 92%.

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The laser engraved hallmark seal:

Check for these signs before purchasing gold jewelry?

  • BIS Standard Mark:

  • Purity Grade:

999 – 24 carat – Also called pure gold

958 – 23 carat

916 – 22 carat

875 - 21 carat

750 – 18 carat

708 – 17 carat

585 – 14 carat

417 – 10 carat

375 – 9 carat

333 – 8 carat.

  • Year of marking

Alphabets represents the year of hallmarking of gold jewelry. This is decided by BIS. The letter “A” denotes the year 2000. The letter “M” denotes the year 2011 and the letter “N” denotes the year 2012.

  • The jewelers identification mark:

Many jewelers keep their own identification mark of BIS certified jewelry manufacturers.

What does 916 Gold mean?

Have you checked the BIS hallmark on your gold jewelry? You would definitely have seen the ‘916’ number. You will find this number at all hallmarked gold jewelries.

What could this number mean? This number ’916’ signifies the fineness or the purity of gold jewelry. This is 91.6 grams of pure 24 karat gold, for every 100 grams of alloy.

How to calculate 916 gold? The figure 916 denotes 22 karat by 24 karat of gold. This is (22/24 = 916).

Why don’t jewelers make gold jewelry from pure gold?

Pure gold is very soft and cannot be used to make wearable jewelry. You cannot make intricate gold jewelry designs using pure gold.

BIS 916 vs KDM

916 represents the quality of gold jewelry. This is 91.6% purity or 91.6 grams of gold per 100 grams. KDM jewelry means it will have the same purity even when it is melted.

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