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Learn To Invest From Captain Cool MS Dhoni

Mr. C.S. Sudheer | Posted On Tuesday, March 21,2017, 05:35 PM

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Learn To Invest From Captain Cool MS Dhoni



No discussion on cricket is complete without talking about Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is the pioneer of the helicopter shot. A blistering shot which mimics a helicopter and flies over the fielders for a six. When Dhoni first began playing for India, his hairstyle was as much a talking topic as his helicopter shot. His long hairstyle was praised by none other than former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.

A young Dhoni was made captain of the Indian T20 team and he won the T20 World Cup 2007, on the very first edition itself. A few years later under the captaincy of M S Dhoni, India became the Number 1 Test Team in the World. His crowning moment came in the ODI World Cup 2011 played in the Indian subcontinent, where under his captaincy; India won the ODI World Cup. Dhoni promoted himself up the order and came in at Number 5, ahead of Yuvraj Singh who was in red hot form. Dhoni scored 91 not out from just 79 deliveries and finished the match hitting Sri Lankan fast bowler Nuwan Kulasekara for a huge 6…. Mission Accomplished….

M S Dhoni is known by many names. Captain Cool….Best Finisher in ODI’s….Why, even a movie was made on him called “The Untold Story” which was a superhit. In 2006, Dhoni was voted as the MTV Youth Icon. He won the ICC ODI Player of the year for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009. He has also won the Padma Shri and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awards. He was honored with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Indian Army. So what can you learn from Captain Cool…The greatest finisher in modern day cricket? These are some winning traits from this sporting giant which can help you become a great investor.

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Learn To Invest From Captain Cool

1.Stay calm in a crisis

How many times has Dhoni pulled his team out of a crisis and helped India win matches? Countless times….Is it his batting skills alone that win India matches? No…

Dhoni is very calm and cool in a crisis. The scoreboard reads 20/3 or 30/4 and the target is over 300. No problem, Dhoni calmly accumulates singles till the target is very close. Then he blasts it away. Have you seen Dhoni succumb to pressure or make rash decisions?

The stock markets have crashed. All those blue chip stocks you had purchased paying a lot of money, are now dirt cheap. You are in a panic. You want to sell all these stocks. Should you sell all these good stocks and head for the exit? No…Just stay calm and cool and take control of your emotions. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. You have bought stocks with good fundamentals. Hold onto them. Just as the stock market goes down, it will also go up and all your stocks will be vibrant and shining again. You win the match.

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2. Start small. Think big

Dhoni was born in the small town of Ranchi in Jharkhand. Not in the powerhouses of cricket…Mumbai, Karnataka, Delhi, Tamil Nadu or Punjab. Ranchi was not even on the cricketing map.

The rise and rise of Dhoni shows that being born in a small town, is no hindrance to greatness. It’s all planning and effort.

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Dhoni’s fearless batting and wicket keeping, shows that nothing is beyond reach. Dhoni redefined the batting wicket-keeper in India. Previously, India had wicket-keepers who could bat. Dhoni could jump into any cricket team in the World, either as a batsman or a wicket-keeper. This is pure effort and grit.

When it comes to investing in equity mutual funds, think SIP. Systematic Investment Plans popularly called SIP’s, are a great way to invest in equity mutual funds. You invest a certain fixed amount (small sums of money) regularly say once each month, in a specific mutual fund scheme. The small amounts you invest accumulate and grow. They enjoy the benefits of the power of compounding (whatever returns you get are reinvested and earn more returns). SIP teaches you how to start small and grow big.

3. Never miss an opportunity to learn

Dhoni wanted to play football, before he gave it all up for cricket. For Dhoni, learning was a continuous process. He picked up the finer aspects of cricket, honing his batting and wicket keeping skills.

Dhoni always learns no matter how high he grows. Dhoni never misses an opportunity to learn. Whether it’s batting tips from his coach, Dhoni always learns.

You must always learn about investments, before you invest your hard earned money. Learn about life insurance and health insurance or even car insurance plans, before availing them. Never invest in stocks or equity mutual funds, without doing your research. The same holds true whether you invest in PPF, FD or even NSC. Follow the simple rule, Learn before you earn.

4. Always listen to your coach

There are many people who help you on your road to greatness. Dhoni could never have reached such dizzying heights, without the help of first coach and mentor, Keshav Banerjee. Then the former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly spotted his talent and recommended him for a place in the Indian cricket team. The former cricketing all-round Ravi Shastri, had publicly acknowledged Dhoni as the future of Indian cricket.

Dhoni is a big cricketer today, only because he followed the advice of his coach. He didn’t say why the coach wants me to practice how to play bouncers? Why not play spinners instead?

When it comes to investing, always listen to your financial advisor. He will help you reach your financial goals and makes sure your needs are served.

Yes…The helicopter shot and the paddle sweep played by Dhoni are great to watch on TV. You can also learn how to invest from Captain Cool.

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