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Learn To Invest From the Crow Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, March 29,2016, 05:33 PM

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Learn To Invest From the Crow



Which is the most common bird you see around? It’s got to be the crow. Well…the crow is just about everywhere. You see them sitting on a tree branch outside your home….You see them sitting on lamp posts…Well you open your window in the early morning…chances are the first thing you see is a crow. You see crows everywhere. Crows are the scavengers of the country, feeding on pretty much everything. You treat crows with absolute disdain. Crow is not a bird you treat with much respect.

There is a lot on investing you can learn from the humble crow….Perhaps the common crow can teach you something.

Bring Discipline To Your Investments

The crow comes every morning to your window, cawing for bread crumbs. It makes sure that you feed it and only then it flies away. If the crow does not come to your window, will you bother feeding it? In the same way if you are investing in a recurring deposit, be sure to invest your money in the recurring deposit account in time. If you invest in an equity mutual fund through a SIP (systematic investment plan), be sure to be regular in your investment. If you are not disciplined while making an investment, you will never grow rich.

Crow speaks:  Stay committed to your investment and invest with discipline.

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Grab your opportunity

There is a famous saying “Opportunity seldom knocks twice”. Guess what…the humble crow knows this. Throw a few breadcrumbs outside your window and see how the crows grab them, pushing off other crows. If you are an investor in the stock market, keep money ready to invest, when stock markets crash. Be alert to an investment opportunity.

Yes…the crow grabs his opportunities. You must also do the same. Keep cash ready to buy good stocks at a cheap price, when stock markets crash.

Crow speaks:  Grab your opportunity. Never say tomorrow.


There is a famous saying  “First Learn. Then Earn”. Watch the crow catching food in mid air. Some crows eat out of your hand. These are some of the tricks crows have learnt over time. If you want to be a good investor, first learn to invest. Knowledge cannot be taken or stolen from you. You can always use your knowledge to make a good investment. You can pick and invest in good stocks without any help, if you learn the art of investing in stocks.

Crow speaks:  Learn and master the art of investing.

Learn To Share

You throw breadcrumbs to a crow. The crow eats its fill and then calls other crows to join in the feast. All crows then eat to their hearts content. No food is wasted. What do you learn from this? You learn to share. Crows share food…You share opportunity. You have profited greatly from an investment opportunity. You know of some stocks which have given you good returns over the years. Call your friends and tell them about these stocks. You and your friends can profit from a good investment. Be sure that your friends will repay the favor. When they come across a good investment opportunity, you will be the first to know.

Crow speaks:  Share opportunity and make a profit.

The next time you see a crow remember “It’s not just a bird”. It’s a source of knowledge".

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