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MultiBagger Baahubali Stocks To Buy Research Team | Posted On Wednesday, July 04,2018, 06:47 PM

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MultiBagger Baahubali Stocks To Buy




The stock markets are falling. Just a few days ago, 1 Dollar was equal to Rs 69. Over 120 Stocks hit 52-week lows on the NSE. The stock markets are in the red. Investors are in a panic and selling shares in a hurry. You are tempted to head for the exit….But should you?

No, you must definitely not sell shares and head for the exit. This is the right time to buy and not to sell. This is the time to buy Baahubali Stocks.

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MultiBagger Baahubali Stocks To Buy


1. What are Baahubali Stocks?


Baahubali stocks are stocks of very good Companies, available at much lower prices. This is also called value investing. Value investing is a process which involves buying shares which are underpriced using the techniques of Fundamental Analysis.

What is fundamental analysis? Fundamental analysis may sound complex, but it’s actually really simple. You try to find the intrinsic value (the true value of the share and not its market value). You use economical, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors to make value purchases.


2. Why pick Baahubali stocks?


Baahubali is all about power. Power to withstand any calamity or trouble, and bounce back in style. Baahubali is unfazed by any problems that come his way.

In much the same way, you must pick Baahubali stocks. Baahubali stocks are stocks of large-cap Companies with good fundamentals. These stocks fall down for no fault of theirs, when stocks markets are crashing due to Macroeconomic factors like rise in interest rates or rupee crashing against the Dollar.

What do you understand by this? This is the time for you to purchase these blue chip stocks and stocks of large-caps, available at low prices. These are your Baahubali stocks.

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When the stock markets bounce back and trust me they will, you can sell these shares and make a lot of money.


3. Techniques to pick up Baahubali stocks


Be Patient:

You need to be very patient when picking up Baahubali stocks. Don’t expect returns in a hurry. Even though Baahubali lost the throne, the fiery flame to regain what was rightfully his, never died down.

When the stock markets crash (as they have now), seize the moment. This is the right time to grab good stocks at a low price.


Wait for your time:

Baahubali was forced to give up the throne and a life of luxury and run to the forest. But, the price paid was worth it. The same holds true when you buy Baahubali stocks.

You have to wait for the right time to buy; otherwise you will be paying a very high price for them. When stock markets crash, the price of Baahubali stocks may fall and this is the time to seize the moment, and buy the Baahubali stocks.


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Shed the herd mentality

You must have seen how sheep follow the herd and run over the cliff. This is what most investors do when stock markets crash. They sell all the shares, (many of them good ones at dirt cheap prices). Yes, they sell Baahubali stocks, cheap.

This is the time you (the smart investor), waits for. This is the time you jump in and buy the Baahubali stocks.


How to buy Baahubali stocks?


Well, it’s simple really. You go for the top of the block. You pick shares of Companies which are market leaders when their prices really fall, say due to Macroeconomic conditions.

Oil prices are going up. Oil prices went well past $75 Dollars a Barrel and as India imports 80% of its crude oil needs, the economy went into a slowdown.

As many stocks of reputed Companies with good fundamentals fell down, smart investors rushed to buy Baahubali stocks. Now, even if Baahubali stocks are available cheap, they will definitely bounce back. You get them cheap or you can sell when stock markets regain their original glory.


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