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One Nation One Card Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, March 05,2019, 03:06 PM

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One Nation One Card



What is National Common Mobility Card?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) also called the One Nation One Card. This card helps pay for all kinds of services like metro services, parking charges, toll tax, retail shopping and also to withdraw money across India. It is a one card for multiple utilities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) also called the One Nation One Card. One Nation One Card is an inter-operable transport card which allows you to pay for bus travel, toll taxes, parking charges, retail shopping and even withdraw money.

PM Modi launched the National Common Mobility Card at Ahmedabad, when he was in the city to inaugurate Ahmedabad’s new metro train service.

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One Nation One Card

What is RuPay Card?

RuPay Card is India’s very own domestic card. It has its own payment gateway which is useful to both banks and customers. RuPay has an approved card payment network just like MasterCard and Visa.

‘RuPay’ is basically Rupee and Payment. RuPay is a domestic card which reduces transaction costs as processing takes place within India. RuPay cards are accepted only within India. RuPay promotes the use of debit cards in India. RuPay is very safe. It prevents your purchase data going out of India.

Benefits of National Common Mobility Card

  • The National Common Mobility Card will end travel related problems across India. NCMC runs on the RuPay Card which makes it a true India product.
  • You must have faced this problem. You give the bus conductor Rs 100 for a Rs 10 ticket and he harasses refusing to give change. All this will end. Many times you don’t have the cash to pay for travelling in metro, bus or train, toll or for parking. The automatic fare collection system can solve this problem.
  • Different states had different transport cards. A card issued in one city would not work in another city. With One Nation One Card, you can easily pay for utilities and enjoy a hassle free ride.
  • The National Common Mobility Card merges the RuPay Card with the Mobility Card. This card is very convenient for travelling in metro’s across India.
  • NCMC is a one-of-a-kind card developed indigenously. India no longer depends on foreign technology.

Why National Common Mobility Card?

  • You can make payments for bus, metro, suburban railways, toll, parking, smart city and retail shopping.
  • You can use the card for travel needs with minimal financial risk to all involved stake-holders.
  • The service area feature of this card supports operator specific operations like monthly passes or even season tickets.
  • India always faced the problem of an automatic fare collection system. (AFCS). The problem was the automatic fare collection system deployed at various metros were from foreign players. To avoid vendor lock-in and to create inter-operable systems, it’s very important to have an indigenously developed AFC system. Foreign technology players charge high royalty, making products expensive.
  • A new feature would be included in all credit and debit cards issued by banks. This will enable swiping at POS machines which are deployed at ticket counters or you can use them like metro rail smart cards to enter a platform.

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What is Oyster Cards of London?

The One Nation One Card is modeled on the Oyster Card of London. It is a London-type one card for all transport across India.

A majority of Londoners use the Oyster Card for public transport payments. The Oyster Card is used for easy payment on London’s public transport network. It can be used on buses, trams, the tubes (London Underground Rapid Transport System) and riverboat services.

Regular commuters can purchase a season ticket with Oyster Cards with a Pay as You Go Style card with the ability to top up payments, online or even payment within stations. You can even recharge at shops. Oyster Cards can be linked to bank account with auto-top up once it reaches a certain amount. (This could be say less than £5 remaining.)

How does Oyster Card Work?

You just present the card at the Oyster Pad. The fare is deducted from the balance. Oyster Card is useful at buses and railways. You don’t have to stand in queues or wait for change. There’s no requirement for payment desks and machines, cutting costs. Oyster fares are cheaper than regular travel tickets, incentivizing people to make use of them.

Why Oyster Card?

Unless you plan to make a single journey on public transport, it’s wise to opt for Oyster Card. A single underground journey in the center of London by paying in cash is double the price of same fare with Oyster Card.

Oyster Card is a permanent reusable electronic ticket. You have to top up with cash to pay fares. It can be topped up at ticket machines. All you must do is register the card.  Fare is taken from the Oyster Card as this is a prepaid card. This is Pay as you Go.

You can use Oyster Cards at London Underground Network, London red local bus, Railway Network in Greater London, Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Southern Trains services between London and Gatwick Airport.

Oyster Cards are of two types. You have the standard Oyster Card if you buy outside London and the visitor’s oyster card. It’s a common misconception that fares are different if you use the standard Oyster Card and the Visitor Oyster. This is not true.

With a visitor oyster card you pay an activation fee of £5 which is non-refundable. For Standard Oyster Card you have to pay a deposit of £5 which is refunded when you surrender the Oyster Card.

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