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Passport Police Verification Status Research Team | Posted On Saturday, December 29,2018, 10:59 AM

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Passport Police Verification Status



Passport is a very sensitive document issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and is required to travel abroad. As it is a sensitive document which certifies the passport holder’s identity and nationality, it is important to verify the same with the police. It is extremely important to make sure that the Passport applicant has no criminal records and this can be verified only by the local Police. Police Verification is conducted before (in some cases it is done post issuance) the issue of Passport to an individual. A police official will visit your residence to verify the details furnished at the time of application. Basically, Police Verification is done to ensure that Passport does not fall into the wrong hands.

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How Passport Police Verification is Done?

After you finish your document verification at Passport Seva Kendra, the Regional Passport Officer (RPO) will initiate the Police Verification. RPO would request the Superintendent of Police (SP) of your jurisdiction, to verify your details. SP would then forward your application to the local police station. There will be a dedicated person in-charge for police verification at each of the police stations and he will contact you once he gets your application.

The police should ideally be coming to your residence and verify the documents that you furnished at the time of document verification at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). He may ask for your latest photograph as well. In some instances, police might ask you to visit the police station to complete your Police Verification for the Passport. Police Verification for Passport is said to be ‘clear’ if all the documents produced by you are legitimate and the police is satisfied. The status would be reflected as ‘clear’. Note that Passport would be issued only if the Police Verification is completed with clear status.

Passports will not be issued to those applicants having criminal records or having criminal allegations against them, or those with cases running in a court. In this case, the police would submit ‘adverse’ report and passport will not be issued until the court permits this in writing. The status would be reflected as ‘adverse’.

Adverse reports are submitted if the applicant has furnished the wrong address or the applicant is not present in person at the mentioned address at the time of Police Verification. If passport verification is not done, then the status would reflect as ‘incomplete’. Status would be shown as ‘incomplete’ even when you have furnished incomplete documents, and you need to contact RPO in this case and request for re-verification.

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Passport Police Verification Status

What is Pre-Police Verification for Passport?

Applicants applying under the normal category will have Police Verification before the Passport is issued. This is called Pre Police Verification for the Passport. If any adverse reports are found, then Passport will not be issued to those applicants.

What is Post Police Verification for Passport?

Applicants applying under Tatkaal category will have their Passports issued before the Police Verification. Police Verification done post issuing of Passport is called Post Police Verification. If any adverse reports are found, then the Passport issued would be cancelled.

No Police Verification For Passport Issue

RPO would decide if Police Verification is required or not. There are a few applicants who would not have to undergo Police Verification for Passport. Government employees would be issued Passports without Police Verification, if they submit ID proof as annexure A as an additional document at the time of document verification. Re-issue of Passports can be done without Police Verification provided there are no changes in the particulars, RPO would decide on this. Minor Passports maybe issued when both the parents are having Valid Passports.

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Documents Required for Police Verification

 You need to produce the same documents that you furnished at the time of document verification at the Passport Seva Kendra in original. The police would take a photocopy of all the documents with your attestation. Police may ask for your latest photograph. Reissue/renewal of Passports can be granted without Police Verification, if there are no changes in particulars. Re-issue of Passports due to addition of spouse’s name may not need verification and RPO has the authority to decide on this.

How to Check Police Verification Status for Passport?

There is no direct tracking option provided for Police Verification Status for Passport. You need to log into your PSK account and check the status. If the status displayed is ‘Police Verification is initiated, kindly contact your local police station’, then you need to get in touch with your local police station for further details. After the Police Verification, you need to check your application status on PSK again. If the status displayed is ‘police has submitted clear report’, then your passport would be printed and dispatched shortly.

This is in case your Passport has been granted on Pre Police Verification basis. If you are issued Passport on Post Police Verification basis, then you don’t have to do anything. If the status reflected is ‘Police has submitted adverse report’, then you need to visit the RPO and explain why it was adverse and produce the required documents. Before going to RPO, ask the police about the reason behind submitting an adverse report.

FAQs Related to Police Verification for Passports

Q: Can I get a Passport without Police Verification?

A: The decision of going for Police Verification solely lies with the RPO. RPO may decide to issue your Passport on Pre Police Verification or Post Police Verification or No Police Verification basis as per your application category.

Q: I Applied for Passport 6 months back and Police has not contacted me so far. What shall I do?

A: You need to contact RPO office if the Police Verification is not done within 30 days.

Q: I have a baby of 10 months old, is Police Verification needed for my baby’s Passport?

A: If both the parents have a Passport with the spouse’s name mentioned, then there is no need for Police Verification.

Q: Is Police Verification needed for re-issue of Passport?

A: If there are no changes in the particulars, then RPO might not go for Police Verification.

Q: Can Government Officials get Passports with No Police Verification?

A: Yes, you need to produce your identity card in original as per Annexure ‘A’.

Q: Can Retired Government Officials get Passports with No Police Verification?

A: No, Retired Government Officials cannot get Passports without Police Verification. But, you can get Passport on Post Police Verification basis by submitting your pension slip.

Q: What to Do if I was Not There at the Address at the Time of Police Verification?

A: If the Police have not yet submitted the report, then you need to contact the Police and request for re-verification. If the Police Verification adverse report is submitted, then you need to contact RPO and explain the reason and request for re-verification.

Q: What are Reasons for Submitting Adverse Police Verification Report and How do we Clear These Reports?

A: Adverse Police Verification report would be submitted if the applicant is having a criminal record. In this case, Passports will not be issued. Adverse reports can be sent even if you are not present at the address at the time of verification. This can be cleared by visiting RPO and then requesting for re-verification.

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