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Fake 10 RS Coin, Check Out RS 10 Coin Original and Fake Research Team | Posted On Thursday, February 23,2017, 10:38 AM

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Fake 10 RS Coin, Check Out RS 10 Coin Original and Fake




Visited a grocery store in Bengaluru, paid for groceries in 10 Rupee coins, only to be rudely turned away? The shopkeepers said, “I don’t accept 10 Rupee coins.” He shows you a bag full of 10 Rupee coins. No one takes them he says. You are not alone. Many shops, stores and eateries do not accept your 10 Rupee coins. They say…The Government has banned 10 rupee coins. Many shopkeepers say… “There are a lot of fake 10 rupees coins. How will I know the difference between the fake and real? ”

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Heard these rumors?

Rumors on fake 10 Rupee coins, started a few months ago. It is popularly believed that shopkeepers and some traders may have spread malicious rumors, that many 10 rupee coins were fake. A message was also circulated on WhatsApp, on how to find the difference between a fake and real 10 rupee coin. This was believed to be the handiwork of a neighboring country.

Rupees 10 Coins: Fake or Real?

The RBI has asked you not to listen to any rumors on fake 10 rupee coins. The 10 rupee coins are still valid. These were some of the popular rumors on how to distinguish between fake and real 10 rupee coins. These rumors were found to be false.

Both the coins (real and fake) are made up of 2 metals. The fake 10 rupee coin has 2 stripes above and below the Ashoka Emblem.




The original 10 rupee coin has the number 10 lying on both the metals. The fake coin has the number 10 at the center.




The original 10 rupee coin has only 10 spokes. The fake 10 rupee coin has 15 spokes.




There is no rupee symbol on the fake 10 rupee coin. The original coin has this symbol.




India and Bharat are imprinted on both sides of the original 10 rupee coin. The fake coin has India and Bharat written side by side.



Let me ask you a question? Do you think a person who mints fake 10 rupee coins, will forget to make it look like the original.

  • He puts 15 spokes instead of 10?
  • He forgets to put the rupee symbol?
  • He adds 2 extra horizontal lines?
  • He puts the number 10 in the center?
  • He puts India and Bharat side by side?

What’s the Truth?

The rumors on fake 10 rupee coins are all false. RBI says, both these 10 rupee coins were minted by the Government of India and are legal tender. These 10 rupee coins might look different, but their transaction value is the same.

Rumors spread like wildfire. It’s no different with 10 rupee coins. Now you know the truth. 10 Rupee coins are legal tender in India. Be Wise, Get Rich.



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