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The Buddha's Secret of Money Emotion

Mr. Suresh Padmanabhan | Posted On Saturday, July 18,2009, 04:46 PM

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The Buddha's Secret of Money Emotion



The laughing Buddha said: Whatever is your core emotion money can only multiply it.

Wow! What a powerful secret it is? Look around and you would know. There is your friend who is always grumbling and dissatisfied. The more money comes to him/her he would be more dissatisfied.

The Guru or Master has a deep core emotion of Giving and the more money comes the more money he is able to give.

The Politician has a core emotion of Power and the more money he attracts the more his power increases.

What is your core emotion?

Core emotion is that emotion of yours which will always be the first to appear. This emotion has been with you for a long long time hence it appears unconsciously. So much have you repeated this emotion that it surfaces instantly at most occasion?

How does one identify the Core Emotion?

Look back into your life when things which you do not like happen? It could be loss of money, loss of your self esteem, loss of a job/project, relationship problem etc. How much do these incidents affect you? Or do you bounce back fast to take on the problems bravely. This is what distinguishes the men from the boys.

The emotions can be classified as Positive or Negative. Some people no matter what happens move towards Happiness whilst some people no matter what happens move towards Sadness. The formula is simple: By Nature if you are sad, then money will only make you sadder. Whereas by nature if you are happy money will make you more happy

Two possibilities - The Buddha’s Secret of Money Emotion

Emotions can rule you or you can rule Emotions. It is not that incidents create emotions, the truth is you give power to incidents. Hence no two incidents have the same reaction or response.

If you realize that you give power to Emotions then you can choose to have whatever emotions you want to have. Surely you can master your emotions at any given point of time. It is all in your hands.

Interesting Story - The Buddha’s Secret of Money Emotion

There was a young monk who was begging from house to house. There came a Rich Person who was super arrogant and egoist. The rich man started giving bad words and abusing the monk for no reasons. The monk was still cool, calm and composed. The rich man got wilder because he thought that the monk will loose his temper. So he started to shout more and give more bad words. Still there was no reaction from the monk. The rich man called him close and then pushed him into the mud. The monk fell and all his belongings scattered. But still the monk did not say anything and was very cool. This perplexed the Rich Man so he called him and asked the secret of the monk’s coolness.

The monk did not reply directly, but asked the rich man who was sitting on the horse. Sir, whose horse is this?

Rich Man: Mine obviously

Monk: If you give me this horse whose will it become?

Rich Man: I do not want to give you the horse but if I give you the horse it will belong to you.

Monk: Good, you want to give but I do not accept the horse, then whose will it become?

Rich Man: If you do not accept the horse it will be mine, obviously.

Monk: You gave me so many Bad Words, I did not accept any. So all of it is yours!

What a wonderful message is there in this story. You control 100% of all your emotions, so next time you choose what emotions you would like to have. Your Nature is not built in a day, so every incident will shape your life up. But do remember, Money will multiply your emotion.

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