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Top 10 Financial Quotes for Success Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, May 07,2019, 03:24 PM

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Top 10 Financial Quotes for Success



Quotes are motivational lines given out by successful people. Quotes can inspire someone to do something wonderful. Motivation can do wonders to a person, it gives them the required confidence to go ahead and scale new heights.

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Top 10 Financial quotes for success

Here are the top 10 financial quotes for success:

10) “Our Incomes are like Our Shoes; If too Small, They Gall and Pinch us; But If Too Large, They Cause us to Stumble and to Trip” – John Locke

You must handle money with utmost care. If you have less money in hand, then you wouldn’t be able to bear all expenses and you would feel the pinch of not being able to afford what you wish for. If you have too much money, then you might be tempted to spend more, you might start spending on unnecessary things like alcohol and cigarettes and ruin your health. Ensure you spend wisely.

9) “Financial Freedom is Freedom from Fear” - Robert Kiyosaki

If you are stuck in a job you don’t like because you are worried you’ll lose income, then you don’t enjoy financial freedom. You might have interest in other fields, but you are scared to explore them as you are not sure of the opportunities that you might find there or the salaries. You continue to do the same job that you don’t like which makes you stagnant.

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8) “To Get Rich, You Have to be Making Money While you’re Asleep.” - David Bailey

Not many people have become billionaires, working in an 8 hour shift. Nobody has got rich, depositing money in a savings bank account. To become rich, you must come out of the comfort zone and start exploring non-conventional methods of making money. Check if you can start your own ventures; invest in mutual funds and shares rather than invest in the conventional instruments like FD and RD.

7) “Finance is a Gun. Politics is Knowing When to Pull the Trigger” – Mario Puzo

Having money at your disposal is like having a loaded gun in hand and this alone is not going to make you rich, you must know when and where to pull the trigger. You must pull the trigger in that direction which benefits you the most. Having a considerable sum and making it rot in a savings bank account would not fetch much. You should invest in an instrument offering higher returns like mutual funds and equities.  

6) “One of the Funny Things About the Stock Market is That Every Time One Person Buys, Another Sells, and Both Think They are Astute” – William Feather

Making profits in stock markets is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge of stock markets, then its better you don’t trade in stock markets as they are dynamic, and one wrong move can sink your investments. Investing in stock markets with little or no knowledge is just like gambling or speculating. One funny thing about stock markets is that there are two different persons who make two different decisions at a time, and both feel they have made the right decision. But, only one person would have made the right call.

5) “Rich People Believe ‘I Create my Life.’ Poor People Believe ‘Life Happens to Me.” - T. Harv 

You must understand that money alone is not the only thing that decides the way you lead life. Both rich and poor people believe they lead their lives based on the amount of money they have, and this might be partially true. Life is not all about money, your money in the bank account would not be of any use if you fall sick. Use money wisely and make your life better.

4) “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Benjamin Franklin

Your employment and relationships might be uncertain but death and paying taxes are not. You cannot cheat on death and taxes. You are certain to die someday. You are always monitored by the income tax department, if you are caught evading taxes, then be prepared to pay hefty fines. To avoid this, pay taxes on time.

3) “Finance is not Merely About Making Money. It's About Achieving our Deep Goals and Protecting the Fruits of our Labor. It's About Stewardship and, Therefore, About Achieving the Good Society” – Robert J Shiller

You earn in order to buy something for self, parents, spouse and children. It can be a house, a vehicle or a dream vacation. You must understand that you earn not only to buy things, but also to save. You should not spend your entire income on just buying things, it’s your hard earned money and you must be astute when it comes to spending.

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2) “Being Rich is Having Money; Being Wealthy is Having Time.” — Margaret Bonnano

What is the point if you are slogging all the time for the sake of earning money? What would you do with the money you earn, if you don’t have enough time to spend it anywhere? Balance your schedules accordingly and see that you have enough time to spend with loved ones. Remember, you are not a money making machine, you are a human being and you need some time off from work. Spend enough time with your children and parents. Money can be earned any time, but time once past, can never be regained.

1) “If you are Born Poor it’s Not your Mistake, But if you Die Poor it’s Your Mistake” – Bill Gates

There is absolutely nothing you can do if you are born in a poor family. But if you die poor, then you have no one to blame, but yourself. Dying rich or poor is completely in your hands. If you are determined to die rich, then you would work hard to make the money. If you are a person with a laidback approach, then nobody can help you become rich. You must have the motivation to work hard and come up in life.

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