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We the People Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, November 11,2008, 01:46 PM

We the People



What is the value of "We, the People" It is the famous democratic saying. What is the value of it? Does anyone know or rather tried knowing?

Decades of Corporate marketing, Life style, Glamour, New products, Grand wedding, parties, Celebrity hypes etc. We in fact have just created a comfort zone which has indeed convinced too many of us to think of ourselves as passive consumers rather than participatory citizens. This thinking has brought with it numerous negative consequences. But if we work to restore our understanding that WE are "the government" we can start to see our state and country the way the founders intended. We can see that we are in control and can make decisions that increase the benefits we receive as citizens.

Many of us are known to blame others than blaming ourselves, Government is the problem, President is the problem, PM & CM’s  are a problem, Boss is a problem, Company is a problem etc.  When you look at that saying in this new way, "We, The People are the problem." Doesn't that sound like expressing a profoundly anti-democratic sentiment? Is that really what we want our leaders to be promoting? Or do we want to change it.

What do we change? This question should arise in each one of us being individuals of our own rights. Living a life full of joy, fun, happiness, sadness, opportunities, expectations, regrets, etc., is a lesson taught by our own experience. When we broaden our mindset to think beyond things around us it becomes a dumb thing to break our head on it, that’s the basic human mentality. 

For eg: Though people are the founders of Government, they hardly think of its management and that made them to fear about the word “Government”. They complain about "big government", they complain about "government schools." But what happens when we substitute a phrase "We, the People" into their slogans? The whole meaning seems to change.
How could we judge our capability of making things better? First thing do we really want things to be better or just stay in the comfort zone created by each one of us? Government is created by us. We have certain rights, duties and responsibilities in building a good government. It is we who have given the name as Government. Life does not start by getting good education and end by making lump sum money in your lifetime its much more than what you and me think. This will say that we are obsessed with things which makes us comfortable than those which need us. Each one of us can ask a question what we want ultimately- is it our comfort and safety or is it the whole countries comfort and safety. We can make a difference by balancing our self with what ‘WE’ can be as a citizen for our country and a savior for our family. Let’s make it a point that we provide the best of us during our lifetime.  
Its ‘WE, THE PEOPLE’ who give life for the word ‘The Government’.

Say what you mean and mean what you Say!

Remember actions speak louder than words! A distinguishing and differentiating feature of our quality of duties and responsibilities is that we should not just provided LIP SERVICE; we should plan and DELIVER the same  
I would like to end the first part by quoting Stephen Covey’s lines “There are three constants in Life: Change, Choice and Principles”.

Change is inevitable, the only constant. You have to live by choosing to adhere to some principles. An honest person chooses to be honest in every situation not just being opportunist!

“What I have done will endure not what I have said or written” Mahatma Gandhi

Let us make a difference…

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