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What is a Smart Home? Research Team | Posted On Saturday, February 06,2016, 06:11 PM

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What is a Smart Home?



You love your Smartphone. You love your High-End Laptop. You love your Supercar. All of them have one thing in common. They are smart. This is the age of smart. You live in the World of Internet of Things. Internet of Things is a network of devices, vehicles and buildings, embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity. These devices interact with each other and transfer data among themselves. Internet of Things has led to the birth of something your ancestors could not even dream of. The Smart Home.


What is a smart home?

The birth of internet of things has led to the creation of smart devices, which can communicate with each other. When a number of these smart devices fill up your home, you have a smart home. Imagine a home, where you can close the curtains at a click of a button on your smart phone. Your home has motion sensors, which switch the lights ON/OFF as you enter and exit the bathroom. Detectors which sound an alarm when there is a gas leak in your home.


You have smart devices which turn off your kitchen appliances and adjust the temperature of the AC (Climate Control). You also have a fully automated garage and a video camera with voice recognition to warn you of intruders. Energy efficient systems which help you, cut down on your electricity bill. You can operate all your gadgets, using the apps on your smart phone. Your home is now an app. A smart app. And believe it or not there’s more… You can go on a holiday and even a trip abroad and remotely monitor your house, through an app on your Smartphone. Stuff of Dreams…..

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Who buys smart homes?

You are modern and tech savvy. You love your electronic gadgets. If you are around 30 to 45 years of age, well settled and holding a high paying job, you can easily afford a smart home. If you work in the IT industry, or you are a successful businessman or even an investment banker, you can afford to buy a smart house.


If you are an IT Professional, why would you buy a smart home? A smart home offers you comfort and convenience. They have status and life style value. You can show off…. Smart homes have high security, with a lot of high end gadgets to protect you. No need of a dog… Your smart home may be close to an IT or Software Park. You don’t have the headache of spending hours on the road. Your smart homes has high resale value. Its location and features mean, there are a lot of buyers for your home at any point in time, if you want to sell it. Buying a smart home as an investment is an excellent decision. You may have worked in a foreign country, like the US or the UK, where smart homes are common. You love technology and want to enjoy its benefits in your home. You want to enjoy a smart home, back in India. 

So relax take a deep breath…plunge into the World of the smart home.


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