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What is Bullion? Research Team | Posted On Monday, February 09,2009, 03:23 AM

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What is Bullion?




Gold and Silver which are officially recognized to be of 99.5% purity and in the form of bars and ingots are called Bullion. The value of Bullion can be determined through its purity and mass.The market where buyers and sellers trade in gold and silver are called the Bullion market. Bullion can also be bought and sold online. This can be done in a secure and convenient way on online trading platforms.

Bullion markets are spread across the World and Bullion (Gold/Silver) is traded on Regulated Exchanges either OTC (Over The Counter) or in the Futures Market. Bullion like Gold and Silver also have industrial applications. Bullion is a hedge against inflation and a safe haven in times of distress.

Bullion is a piece of gold which can be cast into a bar or an ingot. There are no specifications on how large the bar should be or the percentage of purity in the gold/silver bar itself. Bars of smaller size are called ingots and are usually reserved for silver troy ounces.

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Difference between Gold and Bullion:

  • When you talk of gold, you mean gold bars, gold ingots, gold coins and so on. When you talk of Bullion you mean precious metals like Silver and Platinum.
  • Take a look at this difference. Gold is traded in the Bullion Market. This makes gold a part of the Bullion Market.
  • Gold is a heavily traded precious metal and is part of the Bullion Market. Silver and Platinum though a part of the Bullion market, are not as heavily traded as gold.
  • By trading in the Bullion market we usually mean, the physical market. You never talk of the Bullion market as the Futures Market. When you talk of Gold, we mean the physical market (gold bars, ingots, coins) and also the futures market.

What is Silver Bullion?

Silver in the form of bars, coins, ingots is called silver bullion. There are many places from which you can buy silver bullion. They are banks, local jewelers, and also online stores.

Where can you buy Silver Bullion?

If you trust the jewelry shop owner, you can make the purchases from the jewelry store. The trust factor means you will get good silver pieces at the right price. You can also buy silver bullion online. You get good deals at competitive prices and may be cashbacks, from several authentic websites. Buying Silver Bullion online from reputed Companies, is found to be safe.

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Invest in Silver Bullion and bars

Silver bars are a very good investment.  They come at a lower premium, when compared to silver coins. They are easy to store and prices as a percentage, rise faster than gold bars.

Why buy silver bars?

  • Silver bars are cheaper than silver coins.
  • Silver bars are easier to store than silver coins.
  • Do not buy impure silver jewelry or utensils as an investment. Most of these so called utensils are alloys and can be impure.
  • Silver bars and coins are available for purchase. You can buy silver coins of weight as low as 1 gram right up to 500 grams.
  •  Silver bars and coins must be of 999 fineness and 24 karats. They must comply with International Standards.
  • You also have engraved silver coins and silver bars which are certified and globally accepted.
  • Take up easy payment schemes: You can buy silver Bullion via SIPs. You can make the purchase in installments and you also enjoy flexibility. SIPs can start from as low as Rs 1,000.
  • You can store silver coins and ingots in vaults.
  • You can also opt for doorstep delivery. You can purchase the quantity of silver you desire, based on the prices of that day. You can opt to redeem silver Bullion and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Invest in Gold Bullion and bars

  • You can buy gold coins/bars from reputed jewelers.
  •  You can buy gold coins from banks.
  • When buying gold coins and bars make sure the product is tamper proof and well packed. This prevents damage in transit.
  • Look out for attractive schemes offered when you purchase gold bullion.
  • Banks and Jewelers will ask for PAN on gold bullion purchases made above a particular limit.

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