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What is DigiLocker? Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, October 23,2018, 05:56 PM

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What is DigiLocker?



DigiLocker is a secure cloud based platform for storing, sharing and verifying documents and certificates. DigiLocker targeted the idea of paperless governance, thus eliminating the need for physical documents. Individuals and organizations, who register with the Digi Locker, can upload copies of important documents and certificates into their respective DigiLocker accounts. Individuals registering with DigiLocker get a cloud storage space by linking their accounts with Aadhaar number.

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What is DigiLocker?

Carrying documents on person can be risky. DigiLocker helps users to carry important documents in the form of soft copies while travelling or during admission procedures. Listed below are some of the key features of DigiLocker platform:

  1. It provides an online account containing up to 1 GB in storage space.
  2. Individuals and organizations can register with DigiLocker system and upload and store important documents.
  3. This platform makes it easier to validate and authenticate documents.
  4. Self uploaded documents can be digitally signed using the e-sign facility.
  5. It is convenient and time saving and minimizes the carrying of documents and use of paper.
  6. E-documents can be shared by residents with government or other registered organizations.

How to use DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a digital platform where the contents are stored on cloud. To open an account with this system, you need to visit the official website The account can be accessed both through PC and android app. DigiLocker can be accessed only if you have an Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar card can be used to sign in to the app. An OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with the Aadhaar. In case of non-availability of Aadhaar, you can authenticate from mobile number and submit proof of address/identity documents for verification. Currently only 10 MB of space is available which will be upgraded to 1 GB in the future.

How to register for DigiLocker?

To register with DigiLocker, the users must have an Aadhaar Card. individuals using DigiLocker for the first time, must register with Digi Locker through the website or app. Digital locker can be accessed through Google play or apple iTunes.

Registering with DigiLocker is easy. You just need to have the mobile number that is registered with your Aadhaar. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile number. The OTP, along with the Aadhaar card number, would have to be used for the log-in to create the user ID. For subsequent use, the users can set their own password or link the account to Facebook or Google logins.

In DigiLocker, there are two types of official records. Issued documents are those that are directly stored in the account by government departments, where they are registered. A number of documents can be downloaded in the account like Aadhaar, PAN, vehicle registration number, driving license, LPG connection subscription vouchers, school certificates and so on. Uploaded documents on the other hand, can be added manually by the users, like driving license, LPG connection vouchers, school certificates, tax documents and so on.

Advantages of availing DigiLocker:

DigiLocker solves the problem of carrying physical documents. There are other advantages as well. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Reduction in operational cost:

The use of digital platform will bring down the cost of services provided by the government. It will consequently reduce staff requirements and operational costs, and will help regularize and bring down government expenditure. Therefore, signing up for digital locker systems will help the government reduce the cost of providing services and reduce fiscal deficit.

2. Reduce operating time cycle:

Availing services like applying for PAN card or passport or making investments requires submission of documents. After the submission of documents, it takes a long time to get the documents verified and approved. With DigiLocker, the documents are submitted easily and instantly reducing the operating time to avail services. It also reduces the hassle of submitting physical copies of documents.

3. Reduce frauds:

The documents are stored online and therefore the chances of theft or loss are negligible. As the DigiLocker is launched by the Union Government under the Digital India scheme, there is a Sovereign Guarantee thus eliminating the risks of hacking. Documents can be shared in a safe and secure manner. However, you must never access this app through other people’s computers or a public Wi-Fi hotspot, to make sure the entire process goes on without a hitch.

4. Electronic signature facility:

DigiLocker facilitates the signing of documents online, by using the features of e-sign which is similar to self attestation of documents. It helps in expediting applications and transactions. You can access the documents, e-sign and submit for a quick settlement. It replaces the need of a physical signature and the facility can be availed free of cost.

5. Access whenever in need:

An individual can access the documents, whenever in need. You do not need to carry physical documents. Thus DigiLocker brings convenience by storing the files in cloud that make it convenient to access documents on the move.

6. Free of cost:

DigiLocker is an initiative taken by the government. The services can be availed free of cost. You do not need to pay any money to open a DigiLocker account. DigiLocker can be accessed from the Umang app too. Not just opening an account, but also accessing and sharing of documents is free.

It is important to note that this system may undergo changes based on the feedback from the general public. At present, the authentication of the account is based on the Aadhaar card and mobile number verification. Cloud storage along with Aadhaar based digital authentication, can change the way Government services are delivered today.

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Security measures of DigiLocker:

  1. DigiLocker uses secure socket layer encryption for information transmitted during any activity.
  2. The application is tested in an ISO 27001 security certified data centre.
  3.  The DigiLocker data is backed up in a secure environment with proper redundancy.
  4. To prevent unauthorized access, the DigiLocker system is designed in a way that automatically terminates the session if an extended inactivity is detected.
  5. DigiLocker uses OTP based authentication for the users to access the platform.
  6. To receive the issued documents from registered issuers, citizens must authenticate using the Aadhaar data.
  7. The application has been audited by a recognized audit agency and contains application of security audit.

FAQ On DigiLocker

Who are the key stakeholders in the DigiLocker system?

DigiLocker system contains three stake holders- the issuer, the requester and a resident.  The issuer releases electronic documents to individuals in a standard format and make them electronically available. The requester secures access to a particular e-document, stored within a repository. The resident is the user who uses the DigiLocker service based on Aadhaar card authentication.

What are the main technology components of the DigiLocker system?

The technology components that DigiLocker includes are:

  • DigiLocker portal: Individuals registering with DigiLocker get a cloud storage space by linking their accounts with Aadhaar number.
  • Access gateway: DigiLocker brings convenience by storing the files in cloud that make it convenient to access documents on the move.
  • Respiratory: this system exposes the collection of e-documents through APIs for secure real time access.

What is the sign-up and sign-in procedure for DigiLocker? Can I link my Google or Facebook to DigiLocker?

To gain access to a DigiLocker account, it is compulsory for users to link the Aadhaar number for the sign up process. The OTP generated will be sent to the user’s registered mobile number. For log-ins thereafter, a user can set a password of their choice. A user can also choose to link their Facebook or Google account for logins.

Can an NRI (Non Resident Indian) sign up using a foreign mobile number?

No, it is not possible. An individual can only register for DigiLocker using an Indian mobile number.

. Once I sign-up for DigiLocker, How can I get my eAadhaar linked with my account?

Follow the steps to link DigiLocker to eAadhaar:

  • Login to DigiLocker
  • After the login a dialog box will be displayed with a message to get eAadhaar
  • Select “click here”
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number
  • Enter the OTP received in the dialog box
  • Click on “verify OTP”
  • The page will be redirected to “issued document” page where the URIs for eAadhaar will be listed.
  • Click on the save icon next to Aadhaar on the issued document page
  • Your eAadhaar will be saved to “uploaded document “section.

Is DigiLocker only accessible through a web browser? What platforms is it available on?

  DigiLocker can be accessed through both web and mobile. Individuals using DigiLocker for the first time need to register with DigiLocker through the website or app. Digital locker can be accessed through Google play or Apple I tunes.

Does DigiLocker have a Mobile App?

At present, DigiLocker app is available only on android in the Google play store. The app will soon be made available on IOS too.

What are the rules and amendments to use DigiLocker?

The rules to use the DigiLocker are mentioned on a notification document released by the ministry of communication and information technology. The first 8 pages contain the guidelines in Hindi. Thereafter, it is continued in English. The documents contain 17 pages in total and the last 3 pages contain miscellaneous information, both in Hindi and in English.

How do I upload and e-sign documents on DigiLocker?

Registering with DigiLocker is really easy. You just need to have the mobile number that is registered with your Aadhaar. Documents can be added/ uploaded manually by the users, like driving license, LPG connection vouchers, school certificates, tax documents and so on. DigiLocker facilitates signing of documents online, by using the e-sign feature, which is similar to self attestation of documents.

How do I get documents issued on DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is directly integrated with the National Register, which is the national database for keeping and maintaining data on driving license and vehicle registration across the country. Therefore, the users of DigiLocker, will be able to access their digital driving license and digital RC through the mobile or websites while on the move.

What is DigiLocker integration with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). What are the benefits of this integration for citizens?

DigiLocker has partnered with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Under this partnership, digilocker is making available digital driving license and vehicle registration certificates to Indian citizens while on the move. 

The benefits of this integration are:

  1. It will minimize the use of paper documents and the need to carry physical documents.
  2. Citizens can now share important documents like DL and RC with government departments as identity proof.
  3. The digital RC and DL in a DigiLocker account can be spot verified for authenticity either by validating the Digital Signature on the PDF copy of the document or by scanning the QR code.

What is the process of getting my digital DL (driving license) and RC (registration certificate) in DigiLocker?

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the DL and RC from DigiLocker:

  1. Link your Aadhaar to your DigiLocker account
  2. Go to the “pull partner documents” section
  3. Select the issuer and document type
  4. Enter the required details
  5. The document will be digitally fetched from the transport ministry database.
  6. Save the link (URI) in their “issued document” section for later use.

How can a CBSE Class XII student get access to their digital mark sheet on DigiLocker?

DigiLocker has partnered with CBSE for issuing digital mark sheets to 2016 Class XII students. Students who have registered their mobile number with CBSE would receive their DigiLocker account credentials through SMS, while those who don't have their mobiles registered with CBSE, would need to create a DigiLocker account with their mobile number, sync it with their Aadhaar number and then pull their mark sheet from the CBSE databases.

What is the maximum allowed file size that can be uploaded?

Maximum allowed file size is 10MB

What type of files can be uploaded?

File types that can be uploaded are PDF, JPEG & PNG.

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