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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Mr. C.S. Sudheer | Posted On Tuesday, December 01,2009, 05:34 PM

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Do I Need Travel Insurance?



With the amount of time, an Indian spends now a days in travelling and the kind of risks he is exposed to while travelling, Travel planning has become the need of the hour. What are the options one should look into while charting his travel plan as far as safeguarding him and his belongings is concerned? One needs to look into many things in order to ensure a smooth sailing trip.

Travel Tips

Below given are some of the tips to ensure a great trip

  • Organising Documents

  • Flight booking and Accommodation Arrangements

  • Vaccination Requirements

  • Arrangements to be made Back-Home

  • Organising the trip

  • Packing List

  • Arrangements for for finance

  • Stay in Touch

Organising Documents

In case of a foreign tour it is advisable to check if the passport will be up to date for the duration of the trip. Check visa requirement for the country of visit. Some countries require visa to be arranged before one departs from home country, while some countries grant a tourist visa once you land.

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Flight booking and Accommodation Arrangements

This is very crucial as far as planning a tour is concerned. Check with various travel agents about the prices before a decision is made. Always make sure that the prices are inclusive of taxes and surcharges.

Vaccination Requirements

One should make a visit to his/her family physician to check for the vaccinations required and also medicines that one might have to carry for the trip.

Arrangements to Be Made Back-Home

There are many things that might need to be looked after before leaving for a trip. Make sure there is someone to look after bills, plants and mails. One can also consider finding someone to house sit while away from home.

Organising the Trip

It is advisable to do necessary research about the country of visit. There might be some special events, which would require advanced booking. Planning always ensures a fun-filled holiday.

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Packing List

One should start preparing a packing list of the things one wishes to carry about two to three weeks before departure. The list can be updated as a when requirement is felt. Packing can be less cumbersome if one prepares a packing list.

Arrangements for Finance

Find out the currency of the country of visit. Credit Cards could be a comfortable mode but for safety reasons it is always better to carry travellers cheques.

Stay in Touch

One should carry a book, which has details about the address, phone numbers and e-mail ids of important contacts. It is always advisable to inform two to three people about the trip and also give contact details for the period one will be away.

World meets us with a lot of challenges and disruptions each day, travel plans being no such exception. A sudden illness, accident, loss of baggage or a document as important as a passport could disrupt our travel plans completely. For this very reason Insurance Companies have come up with Travel Insurance.

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Travel Insurance provided by various insurance companies as of now concentrate on protecting risks that an individual or his family may be subject to while travelling abroad.

Why Travel Insurance is Important?

  • One must be very careful while choosing a travel insurance policy. The benefits, premiums, policy clauses may vary from one insurance company to another. It is always better to keep two people informed about travel plans, places of visit and stay and temporarily about your date of expatriation and repatriation.

  • One can get a checklist of various aspects that needs to be taken care of before going on a move from a reliable travel insurance company. Always keep photocopies of your passport, visas, airline tickets, vaccination records, and itineraries. Keep a copy of all these in your suitcase, hand baggage and at home. This would always work as a back-up in case these documents get misplaced.

Travel insurance exposes one to such tips to ensure that the trip is smooth sailing. Thus, one can say travel insurance not only ensures that you are protected in case of an accident but also in case of loss of baggage, and other important documents. Travel insurance covers some types of medical expenses, missed flights, delayed flights, even hijacks.

Whenever you have plans to travel abroad it is always advisable to have an international travel medical insurance. It is always better to ensure from the insurance company about coverage for international travel insurance to safeguard oneself from bills one may not be prepared to pay.

Family Travel Insurance

  • If one is travelling in a group say with his entire family then one should opt for Family travel insurance.

  • The advantage here is that all the members can be covered under one policy. One need not insure each member with separate travel insurance policies.

  • Under family travel policies there are different types of premium.
  • Premiums are set according to number of children, single parent family; etc.
  • Some family travel insurances charge a flat rate without taking into account any other factor.

If the family size is big then one can opt for the second mode of premium.

Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance policies are for those who travel a lot on account of their job throughout the year. These policies are tailored according to the needs of an individual business traveller. A unique feature of this is colleague replacement coverage that allows the company to replace another employee in place of another person in case he cannot make trip due to any emergency.

Why is travel insurance different from business travel insurance?

Travel insurance is basically for those who don’t travel that frequently whereas business travel insurance could be for a person who travels frequently hence the terms of his policy could be different; kind of coverage could be different. A travel insurance policy for an employee going abroad for a project may be different from a travel insurance policy for a person who travels twice in a month to abroad for his business dealings.

Other Option

One also has the option of covering his life through a Term life insurance policy also during transit. But the benefits will be paid if and only if the risk happens during the term. This will also compensate only on account of loss of life and there is no cover for one’s belongings.

In life we may come across a lot of surprises, not all the surprises will be pleasant ones. Let us be prepared to face them with due courage by safeguarding ourselves against all these uncertainties.

Never step out of the country without a travel insurance policy as medical treatment in a foreign country is very expensive. The premiums for a travel insurance policy are very less. This serves as an incentive for you to take a travel insurance policy.

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