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Why You Need a Diabetes Specific Health Plan? Research Team | Posted On Friday, October 18,2019, 06:04 PM

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Why You Need a Diabetes Specific Health Plan?



Diabetes has taken the shape of a major health issue affecting both urban and rural population in India. While several other major health issues are affecting the Indian population, diabetes is growing at an alarming pace.

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An affordable and comprehensive diabetic care health plan can serve as a blessing to the diabetes suffering population. It is wise for people to purchase a health plan early in life in case they have a family history of diabetes. Early detection of the symptoms and timely treatment helps you to keep diabetes in control. However, if you are already suffering from diabetes and have not availed a health insurance plan, then here are some reasons why you need a diabetes-specific plan:

Diabetes Health Insurance Market in India:

As per a recent WHO report, our country tops the list of countries with the highest number of diabetes. Currently, over 5% of the population suffers from this disease. These statistics reveal that a considerable percentage of the Indian population is suffering without much awareness or financial support to battle complications arising out of diabetes. In India, diabetes is a genetic ailment and people fail to accept that over the years it has become one of the leading lifestyle diseases. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes are prone to other health issues including serious kidney and cardiovascular diseases.

If you are a diabetic and want to purchase a health plan, then your current medical condition will get listed as a pre-existing condition. Your insurer may also levy a waiting period on your policy which ranges from 9 months to a few years. If insurers believe you have some serious health condition they may even reject your insurance application.

Various top insurance companies in India have come up with diabetic care plans. These plans are mainly customised to suit the special needs of customers and provide coverage for medical emergencies arising out of diabetes. These diabetic-specific plans are more comprehensive than normal health insurance plans and help you to cope up with diabetes-related complexities.

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Affordable health cover:

Diabetes was exempted from coverage for many years in India. But with a rise in health problems related to diabetes, insurers are coming up with policies that specially cater to diabetic patients.  While most people believe diabetes can be controlled by adjusting their lifestyle, it is important to remain prepared for health emergencies arising out of diabetes.

A diabetes-specific health plan allows you to gain access to treatment and medication which is important to manage and prevent further complications. You must have adequate coverage to counter diabetes-related medical emergencies arising. You may end up paying huge hospital bills due to the absence of a comprehensive diabetic plan.

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According to experts, almost 70 million Indian are suffering from diabetes. A WHO report suggests that the number will further increase to 98 million by 2030. A large number of rural and urban populations are struggling with this ailment thus spending a good amount of their income to combat diabetes.

Availing health insurance with adequate coverage is important for all people of all age group. However, people suffering from a specific illness like diabetes must avail specific health cover to keep diabetes in check.

Patients suffering from diabetes suffer from symptoms like excessive thirst, fatigue, blurred vision, frequent urination and weight loss. Suffering from diabetes poses some other problems as well. Diabetic people take more time to heal wounds and thus any type of surgery may prove to be fatal for such patients. People with high diabetes may suffer damage to eyes, nervous system and kidneys. So, diabetic patients need to get treated early. Adequate and economical health insurance is necessary for diabetic patients to access routine care and doctor’s consultation to manage diabetes and prevent and treat complications arising out of it. 

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Another reason why such plans become important for diabetic patients is that most of the insurers will categorise your current health condition as a pre-existing condition. Consequently, they will place a waiting period from the treatment of such disease. The waiting period varies from insurer to insurer and generally ranges from 12 months to 2 years. But sometimes it may be as high as 4 years. Therefore, it is sensible to purchase a diabetes-specific plan that provides better coverage than a regular health insurance plan. Some of the top insurance companies like Star Health Insurance, Apollo Munich Health Insurance and Religare Health Insurance are currently offering diabetes-specific plans in India.

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