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6 Mistakes Why Your Auto Insurance Claim Get Rejected? Research Team | Posted On Tuesday, August 07,2018, 06:05 PM

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6 Mistakes Why Your Auto Insurance Claim Get Rejected?




Filing a claim on an auto insurance plan is as important as availing an auto insurance plan. The auto insurance plan is of no use if the claim is not settled. Your claim is handled by a claims team which investigates and makes the claim report.

The insurer goes through the claim report and decides if your claim will be settled or not. There are chances the claim will not be settled due to missing documents, insufficient information or lack of evidence. Simple mistakes could lead to the auto insurance claim getting rejected.

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6 Mistakes Why Your Auto Insurance Claim Gets Rejected?


1. You Delay Filing The Claim

If you have met with an accident and your car is damaged, file a claim with the insurer immediately. Inform the insurer and he will get your car towed to the garage, free of cost.

If you have met with an accident and are injured or in a state of shock, the insurer might allow a slight delay. Find out from the insurer the number of days within which you have to make the claim.


2. You Forget To File the FIR

First Information Report popularly called FIR is the most crucial evidence on the accident for the claims team. It is the official description of the accident. It is very important when raising a claim in case of theft and death or injury to a third party.

The insurer goes through the FIR to find out if you are at fault in the collision/accident, or it’s the fault of the other party. If you forget to file the FIR, claims could be rejected.


3. You Furnish Inaccurate Information

Make sure you provide accurate information on the accident. After a claim is received, the claims team begins an investigation to check the details and accuracy of the claim. The team gathers evidence and if details of the findings do not match with what you have provided, the claim will not be processed and get rejected. You have to provide accurate information when filing the claim or it gets rejected.

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4. You Don’t Carry Your Driving License

Accidents cause a lot of damage to your car or an unrelated party called a third party. If you met with an accident, chances are you will be questioned. If you were driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, you should have been carrying a valid driving license. If you were driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol and you met with an accident, claims would be rejected.


5. You Overload The Car

As per law only a certain number of passengers are allowed in a specific type of vehicle. You would find 4 passengers in a sedan, 3 passengers in a rickshaw and 2 people on a motorcycle.

The claims team would investigate to find out if the car was overloaded at the time of the accident. If the vehicle was overloaded, claims would be rejected, even if you are not at fault.

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6. You complete repairs before informing the insurer

The claims team begins an investigation as soon as they receive a claim. The claims team assesses the damage to your vehicle in the accident. The claims team inspects your car to check the extent of damage caused in the accident. You can opt for a cashless or reimbursable claim.

In a cashless claim, your car is repaired at any of the garages which come under the insurer’s network. In a reimbursable claim, you get the car repaired and submit bills to the insurer.

If you repair the car before the claims team gets the chance to access damage to the vehicle, claims are rejected. This is because the claims assessor would not prepare the report. So, stay calm and rush the car to the insurer after an accident and get the claim settled.

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