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Will Your Maternity Expenses Be Covered in a Health Insurance Plan? Research Team | Posted On Thursday, June 07,2018, 06:24 PM

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Will Your Maternity Expenses Be Covered in a Health Insurance Plan?



Are you not sure of how to get your maternity expenses covered in Health Insurance plan? Do you already have an Individual Health Insurance plan? Or do you have a Group Health Insurance plan? What about your newborn, is it covered in your plan? Learn more:

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Will Your Maternity Expenses Be Covered in a Health Insurance Plan?


1) Should you buy a Health Insurance to cover maternity expenses exclusively?


Generally, individual Health Insurance plans do not cover maternity costs. But some Health Insurance plans offer maternity coverage as a sub-limit. For example, a Health Insurance plan with a sum insured of Rs 3-5 Lakhs, maternity benefits are only covered up to a sub-limit of

Rs 50,000. Also, they come with a waiting period of 2 to 4 years. Reduction of waiting period attracts additional or higher premiums which is a costly affair.

You can also avail a Maternity Health Insurance Plan. This covers all maternity related expenses, pre-natal and post-natal charges, delivery, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, newborn baby cover, etc. which again come at higher premiums.

Corporate Group Health Insurance policies also offer maternity benefit. The advantage of this option is that there is no waiting period.

Therefore, you can:

  1. A family floater with maternity benefits, or
  2. Benefit from your employer’s group insurance policy if it comes with an add-on maternity cover

and not avail an individual Health Insurance plan exclusively for pregnancy purposes.


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2) Do you need a critical illness plan if you have a Family Floater Health Insurance plan?


Even though a basic health plan like family floater covers hospitalization bills it will not be enough if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. Moreover, critical illness may also affect your ability to earn and you will have to spend out of pocket. In such cases, critical illness plan comes to your rescue. The plan pays you a lump sum amount on being diagnosed with the specified critical illnesses. In this way, these work as income supplements.

Points to keep in mind before availing a critical illness plan:

  1. Usually, a critical illness policy comes with a survival clause of 30 days. You will have to survive for at least 30 days after diagnosis in order to make a claim.
  2. These have a waiting period of 60-90 days.
  3. Also, keep in mind that these plans don’t cover pre-existing ailments.
  4. Be mindful to check the list of critical illnesses covered in a plan.

Therefore, it is advisable to avail a critical illness plan in addition to the family floater if you feel you have a family history of certain illness or if you may be exposed to health hazards and don’t have enough money at your disposal.


3) Is a newborn covered in a Health Insurance plan?


Mostly, no individual Health Insurance plans cover newborns as the risk associated with them are usually high. Still, there are certain options:

  1. Once your little one is 3 months old, you can get them covered by adding them to your existing family floater policy.
  2. Some individual and employer group insurance plans offer full coverage to your baby right from the day of birth up to 90 days as part of the listed maternity benefits.

Read the fine print of a policy document as they have certain conditions:

  1. Your insurer must be made aware of the child’s birth within 7 days.
  2. Exclusions (at the discretion of the insurance company): Issues relevant to the newborn like, physical abnormalities present since birth, non-medical expenses such as nursery charges, and vaccination charges.


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