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How Money Can Buy You Happiness?

By - Research Team    |    Posted On 05 December 2015 |    Financial Planning

How Money Can Buy You Happiness?

You earn a lot, but are always unhappy? You buy a new shirt, but get into a fight with your wife, which kills the joy of the purchase.

You have just bought a new smart phone from a retail store, but a fight with the auto driver on your way home over the extra fare, makes you all angry and grumpy. Perhaps you need to look at life from a different angle?

Gift Yourself an Experience

Many people search for happiness in things. Buying clothes, shoes or even a smart phone gives you happiness….momentarily….You are soon back to your grumpy self.

Gift yourself an experience, rather than buy things. Go on a hike or a leisure trip. You can gift yourself a helicopter ride. You could go scuba diving, parasailing or even pilot a motorboat.

Experiences live with you, as long as you live. Unfortunately the shelf life of things is much shorter.

Spend on your friends

Are you the kind who spends all your money on yourself? This is very selfish of you. You need to think of others, once in a while.

Think of your friends. Treating your friends to the occasional party or giving them a treat, cannot hurt your pockets much. This could make you very happy. Spending money on friends…great…Spending money on a noble cause…. Nothing like it.

Ever wondered why Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, donate billions of dollars to charity?  Sharing your wealth with the needy and not so fortunate can give you true happiness.

Happiness comes in small packages

Sometimes small indulgences like having an ice cream, going for a party, a head massage or eating seafood at the beach (if you are a foodie), can bring you great joy. You do not need to shop, spending thousands of rupees on shoes or clothes.

Buy yourself time

Spending too much time, cooking and doing household chores? Look to hire a maid if you can afford one. You will get quality time to spend on yourself. You can pursue a hobby, or even work part time and earn some money.

You could catch up on life rather than do boring household work, day after day.

Spend money on your likes

Your friend has bought a new car. You see his car and are jealous. You want a new car too…. Your wife spends most of her time chatting with her friends. She even spends time, visiting their houses and looking at the new things they have bought.

The new washing machine…the new fridge…the new home theatre…the new smart phone…Now she wants you to buy these electronic items.

Spend money on things you and your wife like. You can never be happy if you buy things, just because your neighbor has them.

Spend on your hobbies

If you must spend money then spend on your hobbies. Hobbies give you true joy. Is fishing your hobby? Is it an extreme sport like gliding? Perhaps you like cycle racing?

There is nothing like spending money on a hobby. Money spent here is well spent.


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