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Home Blog Is this festival season the time for a home loan?

Is this festival season the time for a home loan?

By - Research Team    |    Posted On 24 September 2016 |    Loans and Credit Cards

Is this festival season the time for a home loan?

There is a great saying, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” The feeling you get owning a home….priceless. But there’s a small problem….Your dream home, just seems to escape you. The culprit….The home loan, or more specifically….interest rate on the home loan. Interest rates on home loans are so high. Oh….when will they come down? I’m so tired waiting.

Then a ray of hope… The festive season is just round the corner. The festival of lights, Diwali is near. To buy your dream home, you just need a home loan. There’s no better time to avail a home loan in India, than the festive season. Banks try to attract you and other customers with offers like these…. Bank makes loans cheaper by 0.5%. Bank offers attractive interest rates to buy your dream home. No processing fee on home loans this Diwali. That’s not all…. Even builders and developers come up with attractive schemes, to lure you and other buyers, this festive season.

Banks rain offers this festival season

There is no better and auspicious time to buy a home, than Diwali. This is a festival of prosperity and abundance. Many of our citizens, simply wait to buy gold and invest in a home, at the auspicious festival of Diwali. Banks know this….so it’s time for ads….No processing fees on home loans this Diwali….your home loan processed in no time….home loan with good EMI options….Yes, banks bend backwards to make you get the home loan, at attractive interest rates. Your bank could stay open the whole week to make sure, you get the right home loan.

Unfortunately you miss the Diwali offer….what to do now….Oh….there’s nothing you can do now. Banks say goodbye to festive season offers….after the festival is over. You wait to avail a home loan after the festival season? Your loan just got expensive. Home loan  Interest rates are up and processing fees are back. You’ve just missed the bus.

Builders lure you this festive season

Freebies…discounts….gifts….attractive schemes…when builders pour these down your throat, you know it’s the festive season. The builder says…Buy an apartment. Get gifts in gold coins. Promises are made…free cars and motorbikes….Free Europe and US tours….All you have to do is buy your apartment, this festive season.

For builders, the festive season is a time to hunt. Their target….Fence-sitters. Yes, young buyers like you, who are not sure when to buy an apartment. These gifts and discounts could persuade you to buy that dream home.

Get the best deal this festival season

Yes, banks and builders are offering gifts, gold coins and interest rate cuts, to lure you to buy that dream home. This festival time, be smart. Look for the BIG 3.

  • The home loan interest rate
  •  Tenure of the home loan
  •  Processing fees and any other fees

The festival season is a great time to avail a home loan…but at the end of the festivities, the bad times begin. All the freebies, discounts and gifts are gone. You are left only with the home loan EMI’s. So please choose the tenure of the home loan and home loan interest rate wisely.

Combine deals from both banks and developers

Yes, the festive season is the time to make the best of both Worlds. Simply find an affordable apartment in a good location, which offers you all the amenities. Then grab all the gifts and offers, the builder makes in the festive season. Lock on to a home loan from a reputed bank, which offers low interest rates and waives off the processing fee. Keep an eye on the tenure of the home loan.

So enjoy yourself this festive season, as offers and discounts rain on you. Get your dream home this Diwali. Don’t just stop here. You could also drive home with your dream car, this festive season. Watch out for interest rate cuts on car loans. Compare and Choose the Best Loan with very low Interest from Leading Banks like SBI/ICICI/HDFC/Others. Speak to your WealthDoctor for quick loans.


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