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Things To Do In Retirement

By - Research Team    |    Updated On 31 August 2016 |    Financial Planning

Things To Do In Retirement

There is no better time than retirement, to catch up on all the good things you have missed in life. Retirement is when “Time is truly yours.” Yes…you have worked hard, saved and invested money, to enjoy a good retirement. Now, you have plenty of money to enjoy retirement. But you have missed something…..Have you planned what to do in retirement? How would you spend your time after retirement? I’m sure you haven’t. Retirement can be infinite boredom, if you haven’t planned for it. What will you do with all the time in the World?

You need a retirement plan…not the one which gives you money for retirement. This retirement plan tells you what to do with all your money in retirement. Over 87% of Indians either don’t save for retirement, or they don’t save enough for retirement. Fortunately you’re not one of them. But you do need to plan on how to spend your time in retirement. Speak to for Free and Unbiased Advice on Loans, Tax, Insurance, Real Estate and Retirement planning. Just Leave a Missed Call on 02261816111.’s commitment is to help you “Save, Invest, Spend and Borrow Consciously".

Travel and see the World

Time for a famous quote by Alexander Sattler “I would rather own little and see the World, than own the World, and see little of it.” You have all the money and the time to enjoy retirement. Why not check out new countries? There are so many countries to visit. So many places to see. What about the beautiful relaxing beaches of Seychelles (An island country in the Indian Ocean)…Then there is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (The largest collection of coral reefs in the World)…. Then of course there is the Great wall of China…(A massive man made wall thousands of miles long). Well, the choice is yours. You got the money…. You got the time…Just don’t waste it.

Time to visit distant relatives and old friends

You have spent your entire life, working hard and investing for retirement. No time for neighbours….friends….relatives…..colleagues….You’re now retired and you have the money and the time. Now there’s a deep urge to visit distant relatives and friends. Why not explore your roots and see if you find relatives you never knew you had? You could also befriend some other retirees in your area. You could meet up with these new friends and discuss the good old times. Retirement is the time to focus on your family, with minimum distractions. This is the time to strengthen family bonds, enrich your life and the lives of those you love. You could always find some way of becoming useful to your family, or some other families in your area. Why not babysit your granddaughter, or help out your niece, who is struggling to balance work and her young son.

Sports to keep your knees strong

You must be thinking, I’m out of my mind, asking you to take up a sport, after retirement. This is when Jackie Joyner comes to mind “Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.” Yes, you can take up and even enjoy a sport after retirement. A sport like lawn tennis can keep you very active indeed. You burn a lot of calories and your body becomes lean and fit. Your knees remain strong. You can also try doubles in tennis. It’s more fun and you can enjoy the spirit of teamwork. Tennis also gives you an excellent opportunity to socialize. If you maintain yourself after retirement, you can even consider competing in a marathon. Can you stay fit, exercising all by yourself after retirement? Quite a tough task. Why not join a fitness group, where a number of fellow retirees, exercise to maintain a fit body? So joining hands with friends, helps you lead an active lifestyle.

Get the power of youth into retirement

You’ve decided to spend retirement with your old buddies. A great way to spend your time. But have you considered this….Why not spend retirement with a younger crowd? Young citizens speak a different language and are full of energy. Spending time with these youngsters, makes you feel decades younger and keeps you interesting. Try being in the company of youngsters. You’ll tap into the fountain of youth.

Take up a new hobby

A great saying on hobbies,“Twice happier the man who has a hobby.” Retirement is the best time to catch up on your hobbies. Perhaps…. start a new one if you don’t already have one. An interesting way to keep your mind active is to learn a new language. Perhaps….even a foreign language like French or Spanish. France and Spain had a lot of colonies all round the World. Many of the citizens in these colonies still speak French and Spanish. If you travel on holiday to these parts, knowing French or Spanish can be quite helpful. Gardening can be an interesting hobby. You can have your own garden, where you grow vegetables and perhaps some fruits. This hobby can take a lot of your time and is very hard work. Take up this hobby only if you have the flair for it. This hobby demands a lot of patience. However, the rewards of gardening can be really great. You don’t need to go to market to buy vegetables and fruits. You don’t need to worry if the vegetables you had for lunch, were stuffed with pesticides and harmful chemicals. Finally….The joy you get, being in your own garden…just has no equal.

Yes…Retirement can be great, but you need to spend time wisely. Investing money wisely in your youth and having a lot of money at retirement, is only a job half done. You also need to plan out, how to spend time in retirement. Having all the time in the World does not mean a happy retired life. What you do with the time you have…this gives you a happy retirement.


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