C S Sudheer founded in 2008 – India's only financial education company. He is a first generation entrepreneur who has built from scratch in 2008. He met an auto rickshaw driver in 2007 who was brutally misled by an insurance seller resulting in the loss of all his hard earned money. This driver had a huge burden of taking care of young kids and ailing wife. He helped the driver and it shook him to the core. This is when he decided to found financial education company at a tender age of 22 to curb unscrupulous sales practices rampant in Indian Financial Services industry.

He has taken up this mammoth task of educating common man on various financial products in the simple and easy to comprehend language. It helps the common man with easy to consume capsules of financial education so that they are not cheated by any intermediaries. Now the company educates over 15,000 people over the phone call every day in 8 Indian languages. It aims to educate 1 Lac people through on-call education and robo advising.